Sundance is a wonderful time of year here in Park City. There’s so much to do and see in addition to all the wonderful films. Here are a few tips that can make your Sundance Festival experience as fun and easy as possible.


Get Your Lodging Early

Staying in private lodging, such as a home or condo, can save you both time and money. You won’t need to eat all of your meals in restaurants, and you can make your favorites. There’s still time to find great lodging, at great prices!


Wear the Right Clothing

Park City in the winter can be cold, wet and snowy. As much as you’d like to wear that “runway ready” outfit, it’s better to be warm and cozy. High heels don’t provide much protection or traction, so bring your favorite pair of snow boots!


Leave the Car at Home

During Sundance, traffic can grind to a stop. The town is small and the streets narrow, and parking is at a premium (and expensive). Take the free shuttle that will take you to and from your lodging. The bus system is very efficient and you probably won’t wait more than 10 or 15 minutes. Shuttles and buses run 24 hours.


How to Get Tickets / Wait List

If you didn’t pre-purchase a festival pass or individual tickets to movies you want to see, you may want to consider the “wait list”. Go to the box office where the movie is being shown to get a wait list ticket, which are passed out two hours before the show. You will need to return to that line 30 minutes before the start of the film. If you want to see a popular film, it’s best to get in the wait list ticket line as early as possible. If you have an early wait list number, you have a better chance of getting in.



Don’t expect to get into private parties unless you have an invitation. And no, the person at the door can’t be bribed! And don’t worry, there’s plenty to do and lots of events and parties are open to the public!


Where to Eat

There are plenty of places to eat while in town for Sundance. While some of your favorites may be closed for private events, this is a chance to try something new. There are plenty of dining options for any budget. Do remember this is a busy time of year for Park City eateries, so have a bit of patience and remember to tip the wait staff!


Other Things to Do

There are plenty of things to do between films or if you have a day off. The ski slopes are not busy during Sundance, so it’s the perfect time to get in some turns. Check out the spas, galleries, shopping, and more! And when is all said and done, Park City Vacation Rentals has the best short-term rentals available to return to after the event! Book today!