While heading to the Jordanalle for an exciting day on the boat I had an unusual encounter with a friendly moose. Even though moose sightings happen quite frequently in Park City it is still a great sight to see. This time I happened to be on the freeway (luckily no one was behind me)! As I turned onto the off ramp I saw him on the side of the freeway. As I slowed down to try to persuade him to safety he decided to run next to me for a little competitive exercise. As you can see in the Video below I was able to herd him onto the mountain where I presume he went home to his fellow moose family.


About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.