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Park City Utah is a location that is chock full of activities whether you are visiting during winter or summer. But since majority of guests come over during winter they seem to overlook things that can be done during summer. There are many summer tours and family-oriented activities that take place during summer in this renowned tourist location that you are bound to enjoy. You may want to take part in a concert here or attend some other event that may happen somewhere on the slopes or at the Main Street which is the center for all fun and entertainment. The good news is that there are many kid friendly activities that take place in summer as well. Find great deals on summer lodging on our summer vacation rentals page.


Summer Tours and Things to Do in Park City

There are a number of concerts that take place in Deer Valley and they have always attracted guests as well as locals who always make a date with these lively performances. People will have gathered for some picnic or even hula hoops and at the end of the day they will gather to listen to live bands performed by some top local musicians. There is always enough room in the plains where kids can play and explore. You need to remember to carry a blanket r some warm wraps for your evening because it can actually become a little chilly then.

One favorite summer spot is the Plaza Palooza at the Silver Star Plaza which is a lovely location that provides outdoor seating and offering the best fun menu you have seen anywhere. You can explore the neighborhood on bicycle and at the end of your expedition settle down for a sumptuous meal. One of the best shopping places in Park City during winter is the New Park shopping complex where you will shop till you drop – literally. You can thereafter enjoy an afternoon of live music and the Newpark Amphitheatre or visit the nearby Swaner Nature Reserve to view some magnificent forests and wildlife.

The Miner’s Park Concert series is one of the greatest summer spots to catch music and mingle with the local crowd as you enjoy refreshments served locally. Do not miss out on the Park Silly Sunday Market where you get really unique shopping experiences. The place is ever crowded with locals as well tourists who also come for lavish dining and performances. You will experience diverse music experiences from different town based musicians who perform on different weekends.

If you happen to come on a Saturday then you must find space at the Canyon Resort Village where large crowds come to meet big cats. You need to be an early bird and catch your space at the Cabriolet lift in order for you to get a prime spot at the amphitheatre. After the performances you can then enjoy a picnic or treat yourself to a casual dinner which is a daily happening at the resort’s dining area. Spare sometime to visit the Quarry Village for another set of concerts that happen on Sunday evenings between 5 – 7 pm; the concerts are free and picnicking is also allowed.


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