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We’re pretty sure that although you may have been planning on having many adventures during your once in a lifetime Park City vacation, more than likely, you never saw yourself riding on a dog sled! When we think of dog sledding, we think of places like Alaska, where the Iditarod is still a thing, or Antarctica, Iceland, and Greenland; all places that seem to have a much more rustic ambience than the cosmopolitan elegance of Park City. But what we don’t realize that any place with snowy winters can be the perfect place for mushing the day away; and our mountain village that is home to the sophistication of the Sundance Film Festival is also a prime area to experience the thrills of dog sledding Park City!


Where to go

There are a few businesses in Park City that cater to tourists for dog sledding, and one of our favorites is All Seasons Adventures, 1555 Lower Iron Horse Loop Road, located right here in Park City. Famous for offering outdoor adventures throughout the year, the care and commitment they put into ensuring their dogs are cared for and loved is apparent upon your first meeting of the dogs who will be your team. These animals are happy and friendly, and many of them are rescue dogs; in a world where dogs can be abused, neglected, and treated as superfluous objects, these beautiful creatures aren’t just pets, they are family. Family that just happens to love nothing more than running through the snowy wilderness with families like yours as their precious cargo!


What to Expect When Dog Sledding in Park City Utah

Beginning by learning the basics of mushing, there are a few different options available to you with the simple 1-hour ride being the most popular choice. After learning how to mush, your adventure begins with a thrilling and exhilarating ride along some of our dog sledding Park City trails. You’ll want to dress warmly, of course, it is winter and cold, but the chill in the air somehow adds to the adventure! Enjoy views of the mountains that surround you, as you huddle close with your family! There is a 350-pound weight limit for the dog sleds, however, so if your family weighs more than that combined, All Seasons Adventures offers split trips that cost a little more, but not as much as you would think. And in the end, the extra cost is worth it for an adventure that may turn out to be the highlight of your entire trip.


The Warmth of Your Park City Vacation Rental

Adds to the wonder of your mushing adventures and the comfortable coziness that awaits you at the end of your vacation day will make you want to add a few more days to your sojourn. Contact us and reserve yours today and make some new four-legged friends during your stay dog sledding Park City Utah!

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