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One of our favorite parts of traveling is finding those places we have never visited before, and when you include Park City as a part of your travel journeys, you will experience a whole world of new. From restaurants to breweries, our small mountain village offers a variety of local only establishments guaranteed to become your new obsession. This guide to some of our absolute favorite local-only breweries in Park City will help you navigate your way around the city and enjoy more than a few drinks as you do!


2 Row Brewing, 6856 S 300 W in Midvale

When you feel like taking a drive during your Park City getaway, be sure to head in the direction of Midvale and our number five local brewery, 2 Row Brewing. Getting its start in the owner’s garage and growing into a successful Utah brewery, their beers are guaranteed to find a place in your heart! Featuring labels that are as colorful as their backstory, here is where you will find deliciously named beers that include the 9.0% ABV, It’s Not Just for Breakfast stout, the 5.7% ABV Golden Ale, and our personal favorite, their 8.5% ABV Random, a West Coast style double IPA that is actually sold in liquor stores all over Utah. Open every day except Sundays, reaching 2 Row Brewing at the end of your drive will be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Heber Valley Brewing Company, 501 N Main Street in Heber City

Number four on our top five list, the Heber Valley Brewing Company is located about 15 minutes outside of Park City but feels like it is still part of the Park City experience! Open every day of the week and offering a constantly changing menu of craft beers, their Bomegranate Sour, a blend made from pomegranates, is absolutely one of our favorite tastes. Every beer on their menu makes our mouth water, and because they are open every day of the week and are located so close to your Park City vacation escape, they may just become your newest happy place!


Red Rock Brewing, 1640 Redstone Center Drive

Also open every day of the week and coming in at number three on our top five list, Red Rock Brewing has locations in Salt Lake City, Murray, and of course, Park City! Offering an impressive menu of local brews and beers from all over the world, our favorite sip offered here has to be the Don’t Murder Me stout! Featuring a name that always makes us giggle and a 6.7%ABV, this stout beer was named after a wolf that roams the Irish landscape and will warm your soul on a cold winter’s night.


Squatter’s Roadhouse Grill, 1900 Park Avenue

Squatter’s Roadhouse, rolling in at number two, is another local favorite with multiple locations within the state. Offering five locations and open every day of the week with limited hours on Sundays, four of its locations are in nearby Salt Lake City, and the remaining one can be found right here in Park City. Squatter’s offers a full pub menu of appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, and a dessert menu that includes a peanut butter chocolate pie we are obsessed over, but it is their beers that bring us much happiness! Every brew they offer is rich and fulfilling, but their Hell’s Keep, a Belgian beer with 7.75% ABV, is one of which we can never get enough.


Wasatch Brewery, 250 Main Street

Located in the heart of historic downtown, it wasn’t difficult to choose Wasatch Brewery as our number one choice, as it is exclusive to Park City and Salt Lake City and offers beers you won’t find anywhere else in the nation. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and offering limited hours on Sundays, their Polygamy Porter is a chocolatey tasting delight, full bodied, sweet, and featuring a 5.0% ABV, but it is their limited run Brandy Devastator, a beer that offers a whopping 10% ABV and is aged in brandy barrels that will make you fall in love! Also offering an interesting pub menu that includes burgers, fried brussel sprouts, and a spicy Tequila Lime Linguine, spending a few hours at Wasatch in any season of the year is bound to be your favorite vacation activity. You can even watch the beers being created and stored in big stainless steel tanks that are visible from your perch at the bar!


Raise a Beer to Your Park City Vacation

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