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Vacations are the perfect time to get out there and expand your horizons, experience new adventures, shop in new stores, and try out the meals and restaurants that are specific to the region you are visiting. Crepes in Paris, Tex-Mex in Texas, and when your journey brings you to our favorite mountain town, a whole range of delicious dishes are awaiting your approval! This guide to the top five local restaurants in Park City will ensure that your Utah getaway will be taste-full and exciting with not a single chain restaurant in sight.


The Bridge Café and Grill, 825 Main Street

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, but this charming spot on Main Street pays homage to our favorite meal beautifully! Offering patio seating on good weather days, the breakfasts served here are hearty and filling and include your classic favorite dishes. Omelets that are nearly the size of the plate, breakfast tacos, and chocolate pancakes are some of our favorites, but the menu is huge and you have the freedom to pick your own favorites! Open everyday from 8 AM until 4 PM, every bite is guaranteed to be better than the last.


Hearth & Hill, 1153 Center Drive

We have so many restaurants to choose from when it comes to the best, but we knew right away that Hearth & Hill was definitely going to be one that made it to the list. Offering delicious meals created with locally sourced ingredients and a warm and welcoming ambience that makes diners feel as if they are family, this special spot makes us smile just thinking about it! Open for lunch and dinner, the presentation of even the simplest of dishes makes every occasion feel like a special one. Offering delectable dishes that include truffle mac & cheese, Italian hoagies, and Chop Shop dry-aged steak, it also offers an extensive vegetarian menu proving that meat eaters and veggie lovers CAN live together in harmony! Cauliflower enchiladas made with guajillo chile, tomatillo, oaxaca cheese, crema, pinto bean, and carrot radish salad are so flavorful, even carnivores won’t miss the meat.


Yuki Yama Sushi, 586 Main Street

You may notice that quite a few of our favorite restaurants can be found on Main Street, making it quite convenient; if you can’t make up your mind from this list, you can simply walk up and down the street peeking into each spot until you find one that makes your mouth water! And because every vacation deserves at least one meal with fresh sushi, Yuki Yama Sushi is the first place we recommend to fans of the fish. Offering your favorite sushi plates and an extensive menu of noodle dishes as well, there is no wrong choices at Yuki Yama, only delicious options! When you finally push away the last empty plate, (which once held your favorite spicy tuna rolls) consider ordering some sake and offer up a toast in appreciation of the exciting times you have enjoyed during your Park City vacation!


Handle, 136 Heber Avenue

Venturing away from the charm of downtown Park City, we bring you number two on our list of favorites, the innovative Handle! Offering a touch of sophistication without making guests feel intimidated, Handle is destined to become your new obsession—especially when you get your first taste of their fried chicken, served with confit tomato salad, chicories, and artichoke cream! Yes, the menu is all-American, but we can promise, this is not your grandma’s kitchen as they are proud to serve you the food you love with a sophisticated twist, making you feel as if you are eating a burger for the very first time. Their HPC burger is one of OUR obsessions, as they gently place a thick patty of beef atop a brioche bun and add tomato jam, fry sauce, crisp pickles, cheddar cheese, and French fries fried to golden perfection!


Riverhorse on Main, 540 Main Street

You are going to eat a lot of different meals during your time in Park City, but if you don’t choose for one of those meals to be eaten at Riverhorse on Main, can you really say you were in Park City? This elegant mainstay in the Utah dining scene is famous throughout the world for always having the perfect dish to match your cravings! Featuring a strong appetizer menu that includes wagyu beef bites and cheddar cheese grits, a hearty main menu filled with seafood, steaks, and even a special dish called the Trio of Wild Game made with buffalo, venison, and elk. Every meal is prepared with exquisite care and quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish will be the best one you have ever tried!


Let’s Hear It for Leftovers!

When it is time to bag up your leftovers, taking your favorite meals home to our Park City Vacation Rentals vacation sanctuaries will ensure your late-night snacking will be delicious. Reserve your stay today!

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