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As you spend your vacation hours exploring the mountains that surround us, watching the movies that change the world or walking in the steps of Olympic champions, you will probably need to pad your schedule with time to dawdle. It is impossible to step outside without being taken aback by the natural beauty of our mountain town, and chances are you will find yourself stopping in your tracks, gasping at some new sight, and immediately reaching for your cell phone or camera! The stunning simplicity of the landscape never fails to wow, and if you want your photos to be frame worthy, visiting these top five spots for gorgeous Park City views will ensure that every picture you take will be your best.


Guardsman Pass Overlook

The road that leads to this scenic spot is closed during the winter, but the views are so breathtaking it might be worth rescheduling your winter visit, or at the very least, planning a second trip in the spring or early fall, just to make sure you don’t miss out! The drive to the Guardsman Pass Overlook is a twisty turn-y one that needs to have the full attention of the driver, but once you reach the scenic overlook, the view is all you will notice! From this special spot, the views of the valley stretch out before you in an endless expanse of sheer beauty. Peek down at a lake tucked between trees that will turn a brilliant shade of orange or gold in the fall and lose yourself in a moment of peace and tranquility. Many of the trails that traverse the landscape of Park City can be reached from this spot, leading to more sights of exquisite beauty.


Red Pine Adventures, 2050 White Pine Canyon Road

Although it does not resemble it today, Park City is an old Western town, originally gaining popularity as a silver mining town, and if you want to experience some of the best views in the state the most fun way to do so is by riding atop a gentle steed. Red Pine Adventurers, also offering snowmobile and snowshoe adventures, will take you away from the hustle and bustle of town and into the quiet tranquility of the countryside. This summer adventure takes you through meadows, over hills, and into the forests, of the Park City landscape and the pictures you take, either with your horse or of your surroundings are destined to be amongst your favorites.


Silver Lake Trail

The best way to enjoy the views of Park City is to strap on a backpack, grab your water bottles, and put on your most comfortable hiking boots; we are going for a hike and our favorite hiking trail is Silver Lake. Popular with hikers from all over the world, this 4.7-mile hike is filled with breathtaking moments that will burrow into your heart. You will hear the gurgle of a small creek bubbling merrily on a summer day long before you see it, feel the moisture in the air as you near the large lake reflecting the images of the trees and mountains around it in its placid waters, and as you point and shoot your way through the hike, you will wish it never had to end, especially as the views grow more beautiful and more serene.


Historic Downtown Park City

Small towns offer a charm that big cities just can’t replicate, and the vision of Park City’s downtown area is the perfect example. Offering shops that are housed in turn of the century (the LAST century) buildings, restaurants that take on the charm of the structures they are housed in, and of course, the mountains that stand silent in the background, blanket in snow in the winter and providing a fiery picture in the fall. Slice of life photos are popular in this downtown region, and as you take pictures of young kids walking alongside their parents, ice cream cones melting over sticky hands or laughing diners sitting under umbrellaed tables on the sidewalks of downtown, you know, that even without the pictures you are taking, these are the views you will remember forever!


Park Mountain

Of course, it doesn’t take much imagination to understand that the best views are going to be found from above and when you reach the peak of Park Mountain, whether you are skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, you are about to lose yourself in the view of a lifetime. The town of Park City off in one direction, a large lake in another, and the lush green of the Park City landscape is destined to end up in at least one frame hanging on the wall of your living room back home. The simple joys of your Utah getaway will culminate into this one special moment, so take all the time you need to soak it all in. Who knows when you will find yourself coming back this way again!


The Bonus View

Step out onto the balcony and fall in love; the million-dollar views found in our Park City Vacation Rentals sanctuaries are ones you can enjoy at any time during your stay, no effort needed! Reserve your stay in Park City today.

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