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There is always something exciting and fun to do in Park City, but sometimes you want to do something that is different. You do not want to follow the crowds; you want to discover something new, fly under the radar, explore hidden gems that most travelers know nothing about! Fortunately, you chose Park City Vacation Rentals for your vacation sanctuary, as we understand the intrepid explorer you have hidden deep inside, and we want to ensure that your Utah getaway is one you will never forget! This guide to the top five under the radar attractions in Park City will give you that unforgettable vacation and a love for our mountain town that will never leave.


Homestead Crater (Caldera) 700 N Homestead Drive, Midway

Midway is located just a few miles from Park City and is the site of the first attraction on our list, the Homestead Crater. Unlike the crater found in Arizona, this interesting site is actually a hot spring that is open year-round, attracting swimmers, divers, and bathers to its 90-degree waters. Created over 10,000 years the crater is 65 feet deep and 400 feet wide, and because of wooden deck that surrounds the waters, there is plenty of room to relax poolside in between dips!


Luna Lobos Dog Sledding at Rancho Luna Lobos, 4733 Browns Canyon Road in Peoa

This first adventure take place a little bit outside of Park City in the nearby town of Peoa, but we can promise that it is worth the 21 minutes it will take to drive there. Luna Lobos Dog Sledding at Rancho Luna Lobos gives travelers the opportunity to experience the rarest of all activities, (outside of Alaska, of course) the chance to try out dog sledding! Offering summertime safaris and winter mush sessions, they also are proud of their kennel tour program that will give you the chance to meet their cuddly pack. And yes, sometimes the kennel tours include the future mushers, tiny little puppies that are so cute, you won’t want the tour to end!


I-80 Wildlife Overpass, 110 Parkview Drive

As the country grows more populous and the roads grow more dangerous to the wildlife that make their home here in Park City, the chance meetings between animals and vehicles began to happen more often, and the conclusion of those meetings did not end happily; sadly, this stretch of highway became to be known as “Slaughter Row.” With hundreds of deer, moose, and other animals meeting their demise, (including on one memorable occasion, a cougar) the big brains came up with the brilliant idea of constructing a bridge that leads the animals safely OVER the I-80, designed to blend in with the natural setting of the environment and protect our local wildlife. Although it is not meant for human use and guests are asked to steer clear of the bridge, if you happen to be driving down the I-80 and drive under, you will certainly feel better knowing it exists and that your Park City getaway will not come to a tragic end for any of the earth’s creatures!


The Viking Yurt in Park City

This winter activity (only available December through March) is an adventure like any other you may have experienced, and although it is does involve food, we believe that the Viking Yurt is best suited to this last of under the radar attractions! The Viking Yurt serves as a restaurant and is located at the top of Park Mountain—1,800 feet up to be exact—reached by a romantic sleigh pulled by snowcat up the side of the mountain. Once there, this four-hour dining experience will thrill, offering a six-course meal that begins with Glogg, a non-alcoholic beverage and ends with a special dessert. Only 40 people each night will enjoy this special dinner accompanied by live music played on a baby grand piano, and the ride home is more romantic than a scene out of a Hallmark movie!


Ski with an Olympic Star, Deer Valley Resort

One of the “coolest” activities that you might not have heard of is the opportunity to ski with an Olympic champion! The Olympics are very important in Park City, as evidenced by the popularity of Utah Olympic Park, and if you are drawn to the spirit of the Olympics, or perhaps you have a child who his working hard to become one of the chosen, this under the radar activity is perfect for your family! Your skier must have some ski experience, be at least 7 years old, and if they are between the ages of 7 & 12, an adult must accompany them, which is definitely not a hardship for a true fan of the sport. Choose between a half-day and full-day trip, between the ski ambassador of Deer Valley (Heidi Voelker) or six other Olympic stars and be prepared to have the time of your life!


Sleep Hard and Dream Happy Dreams

After a day spent playing in Park City, sleep comes easy in our Park City Vacation Rentals serene escapes, and your dreams will be happy ones. Reserve your stay today!

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