Sometimes you just need some comfort food. Whether its on a cold winter’s day or after a day of hiking or biking, nothing can be more satisfying than your favorite comfort food.

While everyone may have a different comfort food, here’s look at some of our favorites and where you can find them in the Park City area.


Burgers Galore

A great burger is almost always a great comfort food. There are a few placed to get a tasty burger including:

The No Name Saloon and Grill – While regular (and delicious) beef burgers are on the menu, get out of the box and try the bison burgers. A true local delicacy. Don’t miss the famous garlic burger at O’Shucks on Main Street. This establishment also has a great selection of hot dogs and apps such as the well-named “Scooby Snacks” — bacon-wrapped tater tots with jalapeno.

For the vegetarians out there, you will absolutely love the Veggie Burger at Squatters or the tasty grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich at Red Rock Brewing.


Soups and More

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup or a warm crock of hearty stew?!

Check out one of the city’s favorites: Uptown Fare, now open in its new location at the Kimball Art Center. You will find wonderful selection of home-cooked food including vegan/gluten free soups, stews, and sandwiches.

Of course, an area favorite is the famous Deer Valley turkey chili. It is available all over the mountain, and you can even pick up a mix to create at home at several outlets at Deer Valley and some area grocery stores.

If Asian soup and noodles are your thing, you should check out Taste of Saigon, serving a wide range of Asian soups. For something creative, try the Shabu Shabu House where you can actually cook your own soup and noodle creation in individual hot pots.

If you want a little spice, check out the green or chile stew at Lorenzo’s or El Chubasco’s. Both establishments of authentic Mexican food in casual, warm atmospheres.

And don’t forget about the meatloaf! There are several Park City eateries offering tasty versions of this classic comfort food. You can find meatloaf at Squatters, Windy Ridge, and the Grub Steak.

Now if you want more suggestions on where to find your favorite comfort foods, just ask us at Park City Rental Properties. We are more than happy to share our suggestions!