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The Historic Main Street of Park City Utah is the home to a number of pubs, bars and nightclubs which gives guests the best clubbing and pubbing experience of their lives. Everyone is taken care of at any of the present’s hot spots in Park City and the only thing that one needs to remember is to be aware of the Utah alcohol laws that operate in this premier vacation destination. Even though the Utah drinking laws may look a bit quirky you need not worry because you can still enjoy your favorite brew at this center of fun and entertainment at the center of the Park City Resort area.

If you want your favorite drink you need to be on the lookout for some of the so called private clubs which some favorite bars go by, as a way clever way of going round the archaic laws that govern how people drink in the entire Utah area. Anyone who wants to get allowed into these ‘private clubs’ needs to be a member since they don’t allow outsiders; It may therefore be worthwhile for you to consider paying a nominal membership fee with comes to an average of about $4 for a duration of three weeks and with such a ticket you can be allowed in together with about 7 other people.

The Utah drinking laws require that anyone who orders for an alcoholic beverage needs to order the same with food but this can be circumvented in the case that one has entered a private club. Whereas beer purchased in the regular bars and restaurants must have 3.3% alcoholic content the private clubs are actually allowed to sell full strength beer. Remember to ask the bartender the amount of alcohol that is the minimum that can be served in a mixed drink because there are laws governing this area as well.

There is however a lot of agitation for the changing of the Utah Alcohol laws in order to make the Park City a real tourist haven where people can drink as much as they want for as long as they want. With the Park City area having tourism as they mainstay of its economy it remains to be seen whether the authorities will bow to pressure and allow residents and visitors of Utah to drink just like the residents of the other 50 States in America. The same laws for a long time never allowed restaurant servers to pass drinks across the floor because it was against the law.

The liquor laws of Utah also dictate a specific floor arrangement for any new and up coming bars so that alcoholic drinks are not seen by any patrons who are below the age of 21. Any patrons who present themselves in bars and they appears to be younger than 35 will have their driving licenses screened and the records kept in a database. The new law also stipulates that bartenders desist from selling alcohol to anyone who already looks intoxicated because should such a person be involved in a road accident the bartender will be liable for a fine of as much as $2 million. Such are the laws governing your enjoyment of your favorite alcoholic drink in Utah and as thus you need to take note.