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There are varying skill levels in the sport of skiing, one of the most popular Park City activities. Beginning skiers may find their luck works best on the bunny slopes, while novice skiers who are still new but have mastered the bunny slopes may want to stick to the green circles. Experts can pretty much ski wherever they like, but what about the intermediate skiers? We are talking about the ones who have managed to master the bunny slopes and the green circles but aren’t quite ready to tackle any of the degrees of black diamond slopes. These intrepid skiers are ready to move on to what is known as the blue squares, and we’ve got the info on which blue square runs will work best for our intermediate guests and adventurers!


Deer Valley Blue Squares

As can be expected, the majority of skiers who visit Park City fall into the intermediate skill index, and Deer Valley Ski Resort estimates that at least 42% of its terrain is geared to that level. Some are more difficult, such as the Jordanelle Trail, which is designated a double blue square and is best left to those intermediate level skiers who are just about ready to try their luck on their first black diamond run. For those who are just beginning to spread their wings, sticking to the Silver Lake Express chairlift may be your best option. Leading the way to a combination of green circles and the easier blue squares, intermediate skiers will still find a challenge as they increase their skills. Little Stick, Solid Muldoon, Little Kate, and Last Chance will provide enough adventure and excitement to last you the entire day. Remember: The signs with the single blue squares are the ones you want to follow!


Park City Mountain Resort Blue Squares

Although the largest percentage of the ski terrain at Park City Mountain Resort is geared to expert skiers, their intermediate runs are 42% of the resort, the same as Deer Valley, and your day on the slopes and Park City activities will be equally fun at both resorts. The King Con Quad lift is the most popular for intermediate skiers, leading to the largest segment of blue squares. The most popular intermediate trails include Sunrise, Prospector, and Parley’s Park. As at Deer Valley, if you see a double blue square run, you might want to avoid it until you are surer of your skiing skills. These runs are designed for the skiers who are just about ready to move on to the expert level!


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