2021 has been a year where everyone is back to feeling comfortable with traveling again. Take advantage of the upcoming holiday season and find the perfect excuse to get out of the house for Thanksgiving. Your family deserves an exciting adventure getaway that is made even more perfect when spent at Park City. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and Park City has plenty of fun activities and way to do just that. Take a look at how you can spend your Thanksgiving in Park City:


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Thanksgiving Day Dining in Town

One activity of Thanksgiving that everyone always looks forward to is how you are spending Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Thanksgiving is often full of some of our favorite comfort foods as we indulge ourselves in entrée after entrée. Park City has a variety of restaurants that are offering Thanksgiving Day meals so you do not have to cook at your vacation rental. Courchevel is a local restaurant that will reopen for the winter season on Thanksgiving Day. Their family style Thanksgiving Dinner will be served from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM and includes entrees such as roasted turkey, fall harvest salad, smoked ham, plenty of sides, and macaroons and tarts for the sweet dessert. Flanagan’s on Main also offers a Thanksgiving meal served all day long. This popular Irish spot also serves up your favorite cocktails too from the bar. The Grub Steak will also be hosting an all-day Thanksgiving menu. Favorites on the menu will include a variety of soups, roasted turkey, autumn harvest stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and spiced apple bread pudding. Children are able to enjoy the meal at a discounted rate too. If you do not want to purchase a buffet or full meal you can order a la carte at Versante Hearth + Bar. Their Thanksgiving menu has you purchasing entrée individually and will include marinated turkey, butternut squash ravioli, braised short ribs, and homemade pumpkin pie. Reservations are required for this meal. Guests you plan on placing reservations for any of these incredible Thanksgiving options as they may sell out spots prior to Thanksgiving Day.



Prepare Your Own Thanksgiving Meal

Some families appreciate their long-standing traditions of preparing their Thanksgiving meal on their own. If that sounds like your family, you can always prepare a feast from the comfort of your vacation rental. Our properties offer plenty of space especially in the kitchen. You will find spacious countertops where everything can be laid out at once. Cabinets come supplied with all of essential tools needed to prepare your meal. Full-size appliances offer all the space to cook up your entrees at the same time while storing any leftovers for the remainder of your trip. Dining room tables come with plenty of space for the whole group. As you can see, your Thanksgiving traditions of a home cooked meal can stay with you when visiting Park City.


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Take a Whiskey Tour

Park City is also full of a variety of different activities that will help make your holiday trip even better. You can warm up your bones by taking part in a whiskey distillery tour at High West Distillery. Their Blue Sky location offers in depth tours that show you how their award winning whiskey is made. Enjoy sample pours of the offerings and get a bite to eat from their lunch menu. This is the perfect adults only activity for those visiting Park City.



Plan on Skiing

Technology has made it easier than ever to start the ski season as early as possible each year. You will find that around Thanksgiving Park City Mountain will already be open for skiers. It typically opens up in the last week or two of the month as snowmaking equipment is able to create the trails even if the snowfall in the area has been low. The mountain has over 500 acres of terrain to ski around making for plenty of slopes and trails to hit up. The gear shop on the mountain has everything you need for state-of-the-art equipment along with rentals to check out for the day.



Explore Historic Main Street

The Thanksgiving holiday officially kicks off the holiday season so finding the perfect gift for loved ones will be on the mind. Explore Historic Main Street where you will find plenty of unique shops and restaurants that are locally owned. Purchase some high-end clothing or works of art. Shopping has never been better than it is on Main Street.



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Thanksgiving Fun at Park City

All of these activities and many more await you in Park City. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable every day during your stay for a magical Thanksgiving experience.