The Park City area offers both residents and visitors the opportunity to truly enjoy the “Great Outdoors”! Of course, we all know about the great skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.

If you truly want to get out and enjoy the natural sights and sounds of the area, you will find plenty of choices. Check out some of our favorites!


Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter

Located just outside Park City in the Kimball Junction area, you’ll find the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter. The EcoCenter should be your starting point. Inside this building, located on the edge of the Preserve, you will find all sorts of education exhibits and activities. There are guided and self-guided tours available. During your exploration of the Preserve, you will have the opportunity to view some of the area wildlife such as the majestic Sandhill Cranes, elk, fox, and much more!

Depending on the time of year, you can either snowshoe or hike throughout the Preserve. There are also guided nature walks and snowshoe tours. You can even try your hand at geocaching through one of the guided geocaching courses.


Union Pacific Rail Trail

The Union Pacific Rail Trail is a 28-mile trail that winds its way between Park City to Echo Reservoir. It is a non-motorized trail, where you can glimpse views of wildflowers and wildlife. This historic trail follows the now-abandoned railroad that once ran through Summit County. Open throughout the year, it is a great way to explore the area on foot, bike, skis, or horseback.


Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

One of the best summer drives is the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway. This drive will take you up and over Guardsman’s Pass with a gorgeous drive with exciting switchbacks and awesome views. When you reach the peak, make sure you take the time to take in the gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and views, which are some of the most breathtaking around. Note that this drive is only available during the warmer months, as the Pass is closed throughout the winter.

Also within the Park City area, you can find many tour companies that can take you on a nature adventure. You can spend the day fishing on the area rivers, or go exploring on a great horseback trip. There are also hiking and biking tours that will take you throughout the area.

If you want to know more about these great attractions, just let us know. At Park City Rental Properties, we can also help you make reservations for any of these wonderful tours and activities.