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As we continue our tour of Park City restaurants, one gourmet eatery immediately comes to mind for our guests who prefer the finer things in life. Upscale without seeming snobby, and serving an eclectic menu that changes frequently, Riverhorse on Main is the place to go when you have an adventurous culinary spirit or when you just want an elegant dining experience. After a long day of exploring our favorite mountain village, the meals served here will go down smooth and easy.


Riverhorse on Main: Located at 540 Main Street

Tucked between two colorful buildings on Main Street, you will know you have reached your destination when you see the front patio that takes up part of the street. Strong and imposing, the painted wood exterior of Riverhorse is welcoming and inviting. Step inside the glass doors and enter a world of luxury and class. Tables topped with white cloths, wood floors stained in a dark wood, crystal lights hanging from the ceiling, and exposed brick walls at Riverhorse restaurant all work together to create an atmosphere of peace, light, and elegance.


The Menu of Your Dreams

Because there’s so many delicious meals to be prepared, Riverhorse restaurant rotates their menu frequently. If your favorite dish doesn’t appear on the night you visit, it may just be a sign that it’s time for you to try something new! Appetizers such as spicy stuffed shrimp prepared with jalapeño, lemon cream cheese, and bacon will awaken a craving for heat in diners that used to stay safe and mild. The Trio of Wild Game dish on the entrée menu features a combination of venison, elk, and North American buffalo meat blended with port reduction, wild huckleberry, and black garlic gnocchi that will change your life. Vegetarians need not fear, however, that the menu at Riverhorse only applies to the carnivores in your life; this restaurant offers a multi-course vegetarian meal that is as delicious and eclectic as the rest of its menu! The extensive wine menu and full bar allows diners to enjoy a variety of beverages that will add to the overall goodwill you feel during this once in a lifetime dining experience.


The Good Mood Continues

The end of the meal can be a sad moment, but not when staying in a Park City Rental Properties luxury home. The good mood continues throughout your visit as you become accustomed to the good life we strive to provide. Long nights of deep sleep in beds topped with high thread count linens, evenings spent in front of a roaring fire watching the snow fire outside the windows, and late-night snacks shared with whispers of conversation as you sit at the breakfast bar of one of our fully equipped kitchens are what you can expect from a stay with us. Reserve yours today and get ready to live the good life in Park City. We have a vast selection of properties, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even New Year’s vacation rentals.

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