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Park City may look like your normal small town especially when you consider that is one where only about 10,000 people call their hometown. But when you sit down to comprehend that fact that this small location in Utah is host to more than 130 properties whose listing in Park City real estate circles puts them at a cost of between $4 million and $23 million a piece, then you are basically talking about a modern hidden metropolitan nestled in the former mining area of Utah. The truth of the matter is that there is plenty of money that changes hands in this small town making Park City travel something worth your while.

Any city with such a big Real Estate portfolio requires that as a guest you look for a well details Park City travel guide in order for you to reach all those nooks and crannies where you get to experience memorable moments that the ordinary traveler is likely to miss out on. Park City tourism has actually come of age thanks to the current craze of tourists who want to have a bite of the pie that is the best ski locations you will find anywhere. There are three world famous ski resorts: The Canyons, Deer Valley Resort and park City Mountain Resort which combine to turn the otherwise humble town into a dazzling masterpiece of modern times.

Due to the popularity of this tourist resort you will discover that Park City transportation has also developed into an industry on its own. You will need to remember that this is also the home of the famous annual Sundance Film Festival and the Olympic Park which was home to the 2002 global Winter Olympics. Thanks to its proximity to the Salt lake City International Airport which is only 35 minutes away, Park City tourism has grown in leaps and bounds since travelers don’t spend too much time on the road after their long flights before they find themselves in the center of vacation fun and entertainment.

So whether you are coming from East Coast or West Coast, within minutes of landing at the local International Airport you find yourself inside a hotel or lodge room of one of the lavishly furnished condos that dot the entire Park City, Utah. The best part of Park City travel is that this is among the few family oriented destinations where you and your kids can have a time of your lives. Because of the availability of kids friendly locations and activities visitors are always flocking the renewed Park City.

Make your vacation a splendid experience by considering time out at the Park City and as you plan make it a point to acquire an elaborate travel guide. Your stay at Park City gives you a wide choice of destinations and depending on you taste you can decide whether you are staying in a hotel room, a condo rental, a lodging or any other of the many staying arrangements available for guests. Enjoy the best of Park City Transportation while here courtesy of a number of shuttle service and transport companies that make visiting here a foretaste of visiting a small paradise.