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Park City is one self contained Resort area where guests can get everything that you will dream of finding during your vacation. If you are a lover of arts and culture then don’t think twice about coming to Park City because it is your indisputable home for arts and culture. The Park City arts and culture dates back many years to that time when this was basically a mining town. This home of winter sports has been voted the premier ski resort in North America for five years in a row. A visit to the historic Main Street and you will find a number of art galleries that will thrill your experience.


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Experience the Arts and Culture of Park City

A favorite for many people is the Egyptian Theatre which is one of the most cozy box theatres especially for anyone looking forward to an intimate evening with their loved one. Whether you are looking for real drama or comedy to crack up your ribs then you will be at home here. The entire family will also find something to look up to and your evening will be complete. In order for you to know what is happening anywhere on Main Street then you need to make sure you have a Park City Calendar of events.
While in Park City you are likely to spend the entire morning out there on the slopes and come the evening hours you may want to have a relaxed one nestled somewhere out there with family and friends. A cool cup of tea at St. Regis may be what may complete your evening in this case. This old time ritual of taking tea has been maintained for years on end on weekends, between 3 to 5 p.m. on all Saturday s and Sundays. If you thought this is your regular tea then you will be in for a surprise because you will have a hard time deciding in what you are going to have your tea. They specialize in doing specialty teas which are actually the equivalent of a meal.

Curtis Olson is a must visit for any real lover of Park City art which features the works of Olson the former architect who decided to get into the world of art. After dreaming for a while about the need to become an artist he wakes up one morning and quits his job just like that. You will not believe your eyes when you see the magnificent pieces he has delivered over the course of time. His works which feature real life events done on metal patina display a rich color presentation that is in a class of its own. He features one of his best favorites which are an oil spill with the unique title “Disaster and Happiness”.


The Best Cultural Adventure

There are enough reminders for whosoever will on the history of Park City as a former silver mining town that is to be found replicated in many shops, lodgings as well as restaurants. Apart from a few contemporary buildings most of the rest of them carry with them something from the ancient architecture. This makes it a great place to visit and enjoy great pieces of Park City arts and culture and you will surely enjoy the beauty of the place. If you are coming to Park City just to experience the arts and culture, Park City Vacation Rentals has the perfect short-term rentals for your visit!

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