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People who know Park City very well will tell you that apart from the winter skiing and snowboarding that brings them around here during every winter, a number of Park City Clubs and Bars offer some extravagant clubbing experiences that are comparable to nothing else. The Main Street of Park City is actually home to a number of clubs, bars, and pubs which are the center of the nightlife that it is actually known for. You will have a wonderful time clubbing at the Main Street and all you will need to remember is that Park City, Utah has its own liquor laws that you must adhere to if you will have fun at this premier location.


Our Favorites Park City Clubs

Among the favorites when it comes to clubs in Park City is the renowned No Name Saloon which is one of the best places catering for the outdoor crowds. It is decorated tastefully with fine décor that speaks about a real mountainside pub. Many locals love coming to this pub so when you visit you will mingle with a number of them as you also catch a view of your favorite sport. After you have spent your entire morning on the slopes skiing or snowboarding there is no better place to thrill your taste buds than at the No Name Saloon.

Another of the Park City Pubs that is worth your visit is the O’Shucks Bar and Grill that is adjacent to the No Name Saloon. You will be thrilled by the abundance of peanut shucks that fill the entire floor with décor that looks just a little of the times gone by. Many young tourists populate this particular bar because they also get to mix with the local gang of their peers who also love to luxuriate right here. Because this pub operates until around 1:00 am you can also catch a bite here because they specialize in late-night dining as well. You can decode to watch the crowds outside by sitting on the patio especially during the summer months.

One other local Pub at Park City that we must mention of the JB Mulligans which is situated at the very end of the legendary Main Street; a favorite for those looking for a cool mellow evening. One in a while they will play your brand of music and you can actually play a round of pool and a number of many other indoor games that will help you while the evening away joyfully. Guinness is available as a favorite in this bar and it is a good place for you to mingle with other like-minded tourists and locals who venture to also have a good time for themselves.

Don’t forget to pop into the Wasatch Brewery which is also the first brewery that opened its door in Utah founded by the renowned brewmaster, Greg Schirf. You will enjoy the famous Polygamy Porter straight from the casks served in the brewery restaurant or maybe in the private club known as the Brew Pub Cantina. The brew served here is a carry-over from the renowned beer capital of America, Milwaukee, WI.


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Wasatch Brewery

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