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Welcome to Park City, the mountain country where the snow falls and falls all through the winter and people have all the fun they can afford to have. Many people coming to this resort town come to have fun and discover what they can do with the white powder from heaven that comes once every year. You must plan well when you come to this area because there is so much fun to catch up with that you may actually forget the rest of the world exists. The planners have dome well to make sure that every single vacation rental, condo and townhouse has a connection to cable and satellite TV as well as a connection to high speed wireless internet.

Getting news, therefore, is not such a big deal after all because you can simply log on to the net or catch one of the news channels to find out what is going on in the rest of the world as you while your time away in the middle of Utah, the former mining city of yore. But then we come here to have fun and entertain ourselves that more often than not there is hardly time to watch the news, especially those who come with company, whether it is friends or family. For those who are not fans of TV and are not patient enough to scan the internet for news, there is a local daily that you can get to read.


Park City News Through the Years

The Park City Daily News has been in circulation in this resort town for many years now, records indicating that it was founded in 1902 and has been there consistently carrying current news faithfully day after day. The same Park City Daily News has had other names in the past since when it began and some of them the News-Democrat Messenger and The Park City Bowling Green News Daily. It has served the local population bringing them daily happenings locally and internationally, business news as well as topical features. It is published every day of the week and you can therefore catch the news as long as you are here.

There are several establishments in Park City that care so much for their guest that they provide a complimentary copy every day if you are a guest at their hotel for you to read and be informed. The readership continues to increase every season because people keep on flocking this resort town to enjoy themselves while fun still lasts. If however, you are internet savvy you can actually read the online edition which is updated as events occur but again you do not have to struggle, especially if your hotel will give you a free copy come tomorrow.


Stay Informed on Your Stay

Do not dare be left in the dark while luxuriating at Park City resort because you can read current news by acquiring a copy of the Park City Daily News which you can also find at your hotel lobby every morning if your hotel does not give guests a copy. As you read the Park City daily you can be on the lookout for interesting fun events that you would have otherwise missed out on. The world becomes dark without information and your one source is Park City Daily News during your stay on vacation.


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