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Come winter or summer you will always find people streaming into Park City Utah, to look for their different versions of fun. Is it any wonder that the local Salt Lake City International airport is served by about 17 airlines and it has a flight schedule of close to 700 landings and takeoffs? The local population may be small but there is a greater presence of visitors who come from all over the United States for a chance of a lifetime in this renowned tourist destination that has been voted the top most ski resort for about five years in a row now. A few people who come for a vacation end up owning property here and become residents.

The local population stands at about 7,000 people and the guests actually could outnumber the local population when the motels, hotel rooms, and condos are full to capacity because they have a bed capacity of over 12,00 people. Maybe one reason people flock to Park City is that this is one of the very few places where you can get a large dosage of family-oriented fun and entertainment. The locals are not left behind in reading and keeping up with the times. There are several dailies that are published and which you can also get to flip through to catch some regional, national and international news.


Stay Informed with the Park City Newspapers

The Park City Daily News is the home ground newspaper here and it carries much of the current local news. It is also the oldest paper around because it begun rolling off the press in 1920 and has been constantly published since them, only changing its name a few times. The paper carries a good amount of local and national politics, business, and commentaries a well as local and international sports news. Park City Newspapers carry a lot of information that you the visitor can get to glean and benefit from also.

By reading copies of Park City Newspapers you will find out about events that are coming up in local entertainment joints especially in the Historic Main Street. News about travel and many offers and packages that you can take advantage of, culture, entertainment as well as real estate is all available in most if not all of Park City Newspapers. Remember to check on the classified ads as well because once in a while you can get your self this or that coupon that will entitle you to a special discount somewhere I town.

Other favorite Park City Newspapers include the Park City Mountain Times which is also published locally and has a special niche in covering not only local news but also business, sports, community events. There is also a special column that is so popular with job seekers since it has pages dedicated to the same. With a circulation of about 7,300 copies it appears it is basically meant for the local population. The other one is the Park Record which gets published twice a week on every Wednesday and Saturday bringing current as well as national news and lovely topical features.


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