Park City Library

park_city_libraryInformation is extremely important in any community and the flow of the same needs to be guaranteed for a progressive society. Such is the reason why the Park City Utah Library is a center of excellence providing materials that meets the professional, educational and personal needs of the residents and visitors. The library provides books and other reference materials for students and other information seekers so as to keep abreast with not only current but emerging global trends as well. For this reason there are several individuals, agencies and organizations that do their best to make sure that the library at Park City becomes a learning center for all residents.

Even though the idea of a Park City library was touted way back in 1990 it was not until much later when the whole project was realized. After the passing away of the person whose brain child the idea was the project lay idle for a few years until in 1997 when the Pride Organization followed up on the idea and decided to seek for public support for the same. What started as a volunteer library by the Pride organization had people begin donating books which gave birth to the library that is now the Park City Public Library. The whole thing simply worked out on volunteer basis with organizations donating from books, periodicals as well as shelves and furniture.

Soon thereafter the park City Public Library received an $80,000 grants from the Wichita Greyhound Park with which they acquired computers, cabinets as well as various other accessories which would be used for setting up an adult education program that would be beneficial to all residents of this resort town. It around the year 2000 when the items donated were transferred o the current location of the Park City Library which officially moved to its current location in the year 2002.

summit_county_libraryTo this very day present statistics indicate that the users of the Park City Library are generally satisfied with the services they receive at this center of knowledge with over 80% of those interviewed liking especially the courtesy of the staff members who are always available to help with information. You can use the library to catch up with latest tends of information since they stock some of the latest books in print as well as audio books as well. Audio books are becoming the real trend today since people can actually ‘read’ them while they are traveling in Park City.
The Park City Library has a special kids’ program where they get treated to a kids’ story time every once in a while. The program has become so interesting and the attendance has kept on growing year after year. One of the major aims of this program is to inculcate the habit of reading into kids while they are still young and they will become readers throughout their lives. You will also find high quality master pieces that will bring home American art in a very vivid way. Patriotism is well recorded in a number of available reproductions that help bring home the real American culture and the nation’s history.


Park City Library