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Park City’s Main Street plays an important role in the history of the city. In the 1860s, Silver Mining was key in the Park City area, and by 1880, Park City had already grown to over 10,000 people. In 1898, Park City experienced “the great fire of 1898” and it destroyed upwards of 200 homes and businesses. Most of the buildings seen on Main Street today are the product of what was rebuilt after that fire. Just a simple stroll down Main Street is enough to take you back to the historic days of 19th century Park City.

Today, Park City’s Main Street is not only known for its history, but it is also known for its diverse assortment of shops, restaurants, art galleries, bars, and music venues, and its close proximity to numerous ski resorts. Main Street perfectly showcases Park City’s diverse, eclectic, and historic background. Enjoy our live feed of Main Street, Park City!



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