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While the mountain village we all know as Park City is primarily considered an exciting place to visit for outdoor adventurers, we also have quite a sophisticated arts and culture community that wows everyone who visits. From theater to art galleries to our very own Park City Museum, the caliber and quality make your Utah explorations something to remember long after you have returned home. And because we have always said there is no better way to get to know the place you’re visiting than by learning about its past, starting your adventures at the Park City Museum is the best way to begin your stay in our mountain village!


Located at 528 Main Street

Easy to find, the Park City Museum is located in the heart of downtown and is surrounded by shops, buildings, and restaurants that make our town a special place to visit. Built of red brick and bearing a cobalt blue awning and front door, the bold color scheme doesn’t really hint at what to expect on the inside. The exhibits, artifacts, and displays offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. From our early silver rush days to the beginnings of the ski resorts that have put Park City on the map, as you explore the museum you will begin to understand what makes our town so special!


Exhibits and Artifacts in Park City Museum

Offering the opportunity to discover what living in Park City might have been over 100 years ago, many of the exhibits are realistic portrayals of 20th century Utah. You can “ride” in a skier subway and watch a movie about the early days of skiing, take care of daily chores with a visit to the post office and market, and reward yourself with a movie that explains the importance of theater in Park City over the years. Visit a bar, explore a fire truck that once ran the streets back in 1926, or explore the dangerous world of silver mining and learn about the troubles early miners once faced. And for the scofflaws of the world, a visit to Park City’s Territorial Jail should cure you of your mischief making ways forever; doing hard time really was hard, and many of the jail’s early inhabitants still linger and make their presence known in a variety of ways!


Feeling Good About Your Luxuries

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