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Park City is one of the oldest cities in the United States having been founded as a silver mining town in 1869. This created a booming city as early as 1900 that depended on mining until the mines ran dry. The city has gone on to recreate itself into a budding tourist destination from 1963 when the first ski resort opened its doors to guests. Park City Tourism has seen the town grow from strength to strength each year with many guests coming back and bringing their pals and families. Mining more or less ended around 1970 and since then tourism and ski vacation lodging has become the mainstay of this rustic city, which is situated only 36 miles away from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The Park City tourism industry is located in this town with a resident population of close to 7,000 people with a size of about 12 square miles. There are a large number of people who are basically transitory folks because they are employed by the Park City tourism industry to work in all those shops, Park City hotels, lodges, and luxury condos. Even residents living permanently around Park City have taken a resort style living that surrounds them throughout the city where the average household income is somewhere close $70,000 per annum.


The Park City Tourism Industry

One major advantage that the Park City tourism industry has brought is the development of the town’s infrastructure so as to support the growing number of guests who keep flowing into town. It is estimated that the entire Park City resort area has a bed capacity of about 18,000 whereas the restaurants can accommodate up to 11,500 guests. The entire area has more than 250 retail stores as well as over 100 eateries which give guests to this vacation destination a wide array of choices when it comes to fun and entertainment. There are more than 6,000 people who rely on the Park City tourism as employees.

The Park City Tourism got a major boost during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games when visitors spent close to $330 million and at the same time opening it to the rest of the world as a preferred tourist destination. Winter appears to be the best time for the tourism industry in Park City since this is when the majority of the guests come calling. Visitor spending during the winter vacation is usually three times that of the rest of the period and this has continued to grow year after year with the local economy growing as well at the same rate.

By hosting the three best world-class ski resorts: Park City Mountain Resort, The Canyons, and The Deer Valley Resort; you find yourself in the place known for the greatest snow on earth, It is the skiing industry that is the mainstay of all winter activity and is the main reason tourists flock Park City during the long winters. The number of lodges, hotels, apartments, and condos has continued to rise with every season in order to keep guests comfortable. Park City tourism can only get better and you do yourself a favor by booking your vacation for the next winter or summer since there are activities throughout the year.


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