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Nestled strategically at the foot of the legendary Wasatch Mountains is the world famous Park City Mountain Resort which is really one of the best places for anyone to come vacation in this former mining city. The Park City itself dates back to around about 1870 when the area was famous for Silver mining and it has lived on to get a new lease of life by becoming a major vacation destination. That Park City resort area is actually home to the world famous 3 ski resorts: The Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort and the Deer Valley Resort. You will only need to drive for 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport and you will find yourself at the location of the ‘greatest snow on earth’.


Experience the Park City Ski Resort

Skiing on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains is almost the mainstay of the resort because the entire area covers about 3,300 acres of pure white snow with trails that are categorized according to skier’s experience. At the end of the day after enjoying the experience that is availed on the slopes guests are found in downtown Main Street which is your home of the most lively Park City restaurants and bars which make for a very exciting nightlife. You will also get a short taste of the history of Park City visiting the local museum and the old jail house.

The legendary former mining town has become the new tourist haven of the Northern America regions and is therefore home to a number of Park City resorts where guests have choices of different dwelling places all coming with different budgetary experiences. Everyone has a place in Park City Resort area, where rustic Victorian buildings stand side by side with modern constructions creating a very rare beauty. Skiers from all over United States and beyond cannot just resist the Park City Resort especially after it was chosen to host the 2002 Winter Olympics.


The Best Ski Adventure

Resorts in Park City are known to make huge business especially during the winter months when most of them are filled to capacity with guests looking forward to having a good time skiing down the irresistible slopes. The Park City Resort is famous in skiing business because unlike other ski resorts, it is known to offer different terrains to take care of different abilities, tastes and levels. No one has known better skiing anywhere in North America than is to be found in the Park City Ski Resort.

The entire Park City Resort has the 2002 Winter Olympic Games to thank not only for the popularity it brought to this area but also the great improvement that came in so as to make reach international standards. You will want to take advantage of the spectacular night skiing that takes place in this scenic slopes. Even for those who have never had an experience skiing there are to be found a hew skiing schools where training sessions are hold both for adults as well as for children aged even up to three and half years. Think of the Park City Ski Resort anytime you want t imagine what it can be like to have fun during winter.



Park City Mountain Resort
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