Park City Vacations: Why Choose a Rental Instead of an Hotel

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For years, vacationers had very few options when it came to travel accommodations. Travelers could stay with family, in a tent or a camper at a campground, or rent a hotel room. The problem with these options was many: We don’t have family everywhere we visit; camping can be a dirty, cold, and miserable experience; and hotels are cramped and expensive. At some point in history, the vacation rental property experience came to the rescue of explorers from all over the world, and today, vacation rentals are becoming the most utilized properties in the world, for many very good reasons. And for those of you who still consider a hotel room a viable option, we’re about to explain why our cabin rentals in Park City and other vacation rentals are not just the best choice for your Park City vacations but are the ONLY choice that will make you happy!


Affordability for Your Park City Vacations

It may not seem like it at first, but our Park City Vacation Rentals luxury escapes are the most affordable option for many reasons. First, people traveling with large families often need to rent more than one hotel room to hold them all, doubling your vacation expenses immediately. In addition, although many hotels do offer a complimentary breakfast, every other meal, snack, or beverage will end up costing you money with every bite; our vacation rentals fully equipped kitchens allow you to fix affordable and hearty meals in a space that every gourmet chef dreams of working.


Space to Breathe

We love our families but spending a week in close quarters can get to be rather trying at times—especially when five people are sharing a space with only one bathroom! When you rent one of our rustic Park City cabins for rent, cozy condos, or happy homes, there’s enough room for everyone to have their own space, and many of our homes come with an equal number of bathrooms as bedrooms, allowing your teenage princess to take all the time she needs to make herself beautiful each morning!


Warmth and Personality

Finally, when you stay in one of our luxury escapes, the warm and homey atmosphere will make you feel as if you never want to leave. Our homes strengthen your families bonds, offering spacious rooms built for families to congregate in; enjoy a movie night with popcorn and hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire, cocktails with your favorite traveling partner on the balcony as the sun sets over the mountains, or family dinners you prepared yourself in dining rooms large enough to hold your entire family. How many hotels do you know offer that? Sterile, cramped, and boring, you’ll never find a hotel room that begins to compare with what we offer! Reserve your Park City Vacation Rentals exclusive property today—you deserve to be spoiled!

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