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Some journeys are not meant to be taken alone, and a family vacation to Park City Utah is the perfect example! While you COULD have plenty of fun by yourself, the joy found in spending this dedicated time with your family can never be priced. Our guide to family fun will help make sure that the next 7 days in Park City the happiest ever!


Day 1 – Getting Your Bearings

Although you and your family are raring to go, this first day is spent in preparation as you choose your rooms, unpack your bags, and take a quick walk around the neighborhood, trying to find the best place to feed your hungry crowd! And because pizza is always a yes in our house, Red Banjo Pizza Parlour, located on Main Street, is our first suggestion. Offering the classic Italian dishes everyone loves, including gluten-free and cauliflower options, no one will walk away hungry from this unique spot!


After the Pizza

An early night on your first day in town won’t disappoint, especially knowing you will soon get to slip into the super soft sheets covering our premium mattresses. Our bedrooms are designed to give you that deep and restful sleep that generally eludes you during real life; shut the doors to the problems of the real world and drift away! The rest you get tonight will prepare you for the adventures you have planned for day two!


Day 2 – Getting Close to Nature

The Swaner Nature Preserve found right here in Park City offers a fascinating glimpse at the wildlife that once roamed freely but have had to be rescued and rehomed until it is safe to release them! Guided tours are available, and in the summer, kids’ camps allow parents to have grown-up time while their littles happily play!


The Fresh Air Is Making You Hungry

The cool and fresh mountain air isn’t simply good for the soul; it will bring about a giant appetite, especially after spending a few hours at the Swaner Nature Preserve! Fortunately, gourmet delights can be found just a few minutes away from the preserve. Vessel Kitchen, 1784 Uinta Way #E1, offers healthy dishes that will soothe your hunger pangs without leaving you feel overly full. Their blackened chicken thighs are hormone free and nicely spiced with adobo spice, achiote paste, pineapple, and marjoram—they are a healthy treat you will soon start to crave!


Day 3 – Reliving Your Own Childhood

Anyone who has lived in snowy climes remembers fun days sledding down the hills behind their house, generally using nothing more than a piece of cardboard! Those fun times can be re-lived on day three as you head to Prospector Park for a chance to sled down the hill; plastic sleds are inexpensive and can be found in most department stores in the winter!


More Youthful Memories

Vacations aren’t always planned out with children in mind, but because the child in all of us is raring to get out, your visit to Park City would not be complete without a stop at Creekside Park at 2392 Holiday Ranch Loop Road. The park features a playground that includes a rope hammock that the adults won’t be able to stay out of, and the dirt bike park located right next door is so much fun, you might have to visit more than once!


Day 4 – Sweet Treats

The fourth day of your Park City journey is dedicated to the sweet treats we all love but try to avoid under normal circumstances! Start with handmade hot chocolate from Ritual Chocolate, then move on to muffins and coffee at Atticus Coffee, Books, and Teahouse, and end your day with a piece of pie from Windy Ridge Bakery. This will most definitely be the sweetest day of your getaway!


Nighttime Adventures

After your day of sweet treats, you will probably have a lot of excess energy allowing you to stay up late. A visit to the Cabin at 427 Main Street promises to offer an outlet for your surplus get-up-and-go. While not exactly a family activity, The Cabin features a patio that is popular on warmer nights and offers live entertainment, cold beer, and pub grub. Filling some extra minutes of your stay here will be sure to give you sweet dreams—you can make it up to your kids later!


Day 5 – Olympic Heroes

We all have our heroes, and for some of us, they are the ones who won a gold, silver, or bronze medal in the Olympics! If your children’s heroes are of the Olympic variety, taking them to the site of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games is guaranteed to make you their hero as well. Located at 3419 Olympic Parkway, this magical place still trains Olympic hopefuls today.


Day 6 – Enjoying the Amenities

You’ve spent every minute of this trip running from place to place; why not take your last day to enjoy some of the amenities of your Park City Vacation Rentals family hideaway? Sleep in late and watch a family movie on the large flat-screen television, bake cookies in our fully equipped kitchens, and watch the sunset from the balcony. These moments are fleeting and you need to enjoy them while they last!


Also Offering Community Amenities

Depending on the Park City Vacation Rentals property you rent, chances are you will have full access to all the community amenities as well! Potentially offering fitness centers, movie theaters, and community pools and hot tubs, your rental property is guaranteed to be an integral part of your vacation experience! And as if there isn’t enough fun to be had, many of our properties come with their own hot tubs, located outside so you can enjoy the beauty of a night in Park City but tucked away to ensure privacy.


Day 7 – Farewell to Your Family

Before you take that last reluctant glimpse over your shoulder and walk away, take a minute and remember all the fun you and your family had in our cozy and luxurious family homes away from home. And remember: It’s never too late to plan a return visit. Reserve your space with us today and start planning your week vacation to Park City! Experience the ultimate mountain retreat at Lodge at Mountain Village. With convenient access to ski slopes and hiking trails, this resort-style accommodation is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure.

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