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Even though Utah is known to be high and dry there can always be contrasts in the weather that you will need to be aware of. Going for a vacation to Park City is one of the best favors you can do yourself but you will need to remember that is generally a cold area, you therefore need to know when the best time would be for you to visit and have the best Park City Ski experience. Being an area close to the arid Great Sal Lake Desert but next to the mountainous regions of the former mining city, Park City receives an average 60 inches of rain annually and more than 500 inches of snow which actually makes the Park City weather one of the best Ski Weather available in the entire region.


Park City Weather Information

The only area that is free of snow during winter is the Great Salt Lake Desert where the snow is basically some 60 or so inches per year. That means that driving to that part is not really advisable during winter as it were. You will remember that the Wasatch Mountains are very close to Park City and the general weather condition here is fairly cold and snowy especially during winter. The snow cover is known to last up until July in a few of the areas. In some of the areas snow arrives as early as October and stays on until May making the area a prime skiing area on the United Sates.

Much of the state of Utah is below freezing point for most of the year and that means that it will be cold, go there only if you enjoy being cold during your vacation, sometimes even in what is considered summer. Even when it has been hit during the day, the temperature will more often than not go below zero during the night. The average temperatures in summer at the Park City are usually between 85 – 100 degrees which may be around about July to August. Those who don’t enjoy this kind of heat should plan to book their Park City Vacation between May and then around September and October

The one thing you need to know about regarding Park City weather is that whether it is during spring, winter or summer there is always something of fun to do for you as a guest. There is a only a short time when guests can enjoy walking around in short sleeves doing some spring skiing as well as enjoy watching some colorful leaves. No matter what the season of the year is there will always be something to be done at Park City irrespective of the weather.


Learn About the Park City Ski Report

The average Park City Ski Report indicates that the average snowfall is between 145 inches to 350 inches with the highest going to 500 inches once in a while. You will definitely enjoy cool summers which are basically dry and mild with the temperatures going between 24 – 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity during summers is quite low, making your summer experience a mild one, as long as it lasts. Winters themselves can quite cold and so plan your dressing appropriately when you plan your vacation during the winters because temperatures are known to decrease by about 3 degrees for every 1,000 feet you ascend.



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