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From the ashes of the once upon a time mining city of yore that was almost becoming a ghost town when the mines were depleted stands a magnificent tourist center at Park City, Utah. The resort runs from the lowest basin to the highest peak known as Jupiter which stands at 10,000 feet above sea level. Coming to the Park City Resort requires good planning and you actually need a map because the entire area is slightly more than 3,300 acres. Real fun and adventure awaits anyone who is courageous enough to dare the Rocky Mountains as they try the home runs in the trails that bring so many thrills at the end of the day.


Come and Enjoy the Best Snow on Earth

Park City Mountain Resort has been voted the resort with the thickest blanket of snow with an average of 350 inches per year; it has been aptly named the best snow on earth making it ideal for anyone who wants to have the best of skiing and snowmobiling. Currently, the snow is beginning to build up and by the time winter is here in full, there is usually so much snow in the entire resort town. From the bottom of the ski area that stands at 2,100 meters to the highest peak that stands at 3050 meters above sea level there is just pure bliss that is the white powder that brings all those guests to Park City every winter.

You need to be wise every day you are at Park City to catch the weather forecast in order for you to know the Park City snow report which should help you plan your day better. With the internet taking up in every area of life there are also websites that indicate the snow reports of each and every town including the rustic Park City. The good news is that most hotel rooms in Park City resort provide free high-speed Internet connections and can very easily tell what the snow level will be and there are also mobile phones through which you can get this vital information.


Important Weather Information

One other important thing you need to know about winter is that visibility can actually get affected and your ability to see clearly or be seen will be thoroughly affected. The wise vacationer therefore will try and avoid any obstacles and also avoid any moguls, bumps, or cliffs and crevasses so as to be safe. Remember that the precautions you take will not only be for your safety but that of other skiers as well. The weather conditions at the top of the Park City and the Bottom can also be completely different which also calls for precautions in how you dress as well.

There are regular updates regarding the weather and especially the snow report which all revelers must be aware of. Most complete snow report updates are done at 5:00 am and you do yourself a favor to check them out. Go out of your way to enjoy the entire 3,300 acres of pure snow as you ski down the 50 runs every day you are at Park City and you will be safe.

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