As you sit in your home with the air conditioner running on high, beads of sweat still puddling up on your forehead, dreams of cooler days run through your fevered brain—dreams of trees dressed in their fall finest, the smell of smoke from fireplaces throughout the town, the sights of colorful hot air balloons drifting across the clear blue skies during your Park City vacation. Well, you’re probably not dreaming about the last item, but we think you should be! September 15th & 16th in Park City is the time for the Autumn Aloft festival, an annual event celebrating the advent of fall with a flock of hot air balloons filling the skies. Balloons launch at 8:00 AM from the North 40 Fields at 2530 Kearns Boulevard and land at Candlestick on Main, a short 12 hours later.

The Beauty of Autumn Aloft

The launch of hundreds of hot air balloons into the skies at Autumn Aloft Park City is a sight you won’t soon forget. Like beautiful birds, they rise gracefully, creating a diorama of delight visible for miles. Once the balloons have all launched, the fun doesn’t have to end, though; this is the time meant to be spent enjoying the shoppes and sights of Park City.

Grab a hearty breakfast at The Eating Establishment and fuel your own engine for a day of explorations. Cute boutiques with names like Mary Janes and Prospect offer unique merchandise that will complete your wardrobe, and art galleries such as Trove Gallery and Park City Fine Art will cater to your creative side. As you stroll along the streets of downtown Park City, don’t forget to look up every so often, catching glimpse of the colorful and unique balloons of Autumn Aloft Park City still floating peacefully in the blue.

Hunger pangs at lunch, and then again at dinner, can be sated with visits to Davanza’s and Riverhorse; both offer hearty selections prepared beautifully! As the day progresses with shopping and exploring interspersed with the magic going on above your heads, you’ll think back to that hot summer day and be thankful that you made the decision to stop dreaming and start planning your Park City vacation.

Finally, it is time for the balloons to rest, and you’ll head over to Candlestick on Main to watch the show with mouth agape. The balloons of Autumn Aloft are alit with the glow of the fires that keep them up in the air, making the sight even more magical than before. Aren’t you glad you have two full days to enjoy the show?

At the End of Each Day

Walking into your vacation escape where the lights you left on give a soft glow to the luxury and style found inside may just be considered the best part of your day. Sink down onto plush sofas in front of a roaring fire, enjoy a glass of wine as you discuss the day’s events, and explore the purchases you made. THIS is why you chose Park City Vacation Rentals home for your trip of a lifetime. Reserve yours today!