The air is turning chilly, the leaves are changing colors, and we may even get a flake of snow on the ground. Sure, we are seeing the top of the mountains regaled in the white snow, but ski season isn’t quite here…yet. There are five things to do in Park City you can be doing in the meantime to make sure that you (and your equipment) are ready to go when the resorts open!


Get Your Equipment Ready

Now is the time to get your gear out of storage and get it ready to go. If you are lucky, your board or skis are still in great shape; if not, it’s time to hit the shops that can get them back in tip-top condition.

Replace Worn/Broken Items

Check everything that may be worn out or broken. You don’t want to experience a malfunction or failure on the mountain, so take care of any potential issues now. This includes not only your equipment, but your clothing as well. You don’t want to get to the top of the mountain and find out that your gloves have a hole.

Buy a Season Pass

If you plan on spending a lot of time on those mountains, it’s probably a wise decision to purchase a season pass. Many areas also offer passes that cover several resort areas, such as the Epic Pass. Also, many season passes are discounted before the actual season starts, so you can save a few bucks by purchasing early.

Train! Train! Train!

Get your body in the best ski/board shape possible now. You don’t want to hit the slopes only to find out that you don’t have the stamina to last the whole day. A training program that includes strength and endurance training can help you enjoy the season from the very beginning, and being in shape will also help prevent injuries so you don’t cut the season short.

Plan Your Trip Now

Now is a terrific time to book your plans for your ski vacation. This includes flights and lodging reservations. By booking early, you can often save a lot of money to enjoy all the things to do in Park City!

At Park City Rental Properties, we can help you book the very best accommodations for your group, along with helping with transportation, lift tickets, and so much more. Give us a call today so we can help make your next ski or boarding vacation the very best!

We are often asked whether to book a ski-in/ski-out rental over another property. Well, the reasons to book a terrific ski-in/ski-out property abound, but here are our top five.


No. 1 — The Location of Ski-In/Ski-Out Properties

Ski-in/ski-out properties are right there on the ski slopes. You will be so close to them, you can just click on your skis and be right on the slopes to start your ski day.


No. 2 — No Lugging Equipment Around

When you are in a ski-in/ski-out property, you don’t have to carry your equipment to the car or bus and then to the slopes. Your equipment will be right there, often in a dedicated equipment room that is just steps from the run. And this is great at the end of the day when you might be tired and you just don’t want to carry that equipment all over the place.


No. 3 — No Excess Walking

With your convenient ski-in/ski-out property, the only walking you’ll do to get on the slopes is to the room that is adjacent to the slopes. No more walking up the hill to the lift.


No. 4 — You’ll Have a Head Start

Imagine waking up to that bluebird powder day and not having to wait to get on the slopes. With that ski-in/ski-out property, you can be one of the first people on the slopes to enjoy that fresh powder!


No. 5 — You Can Spend More Time Skiing

Because you don’t have to travel to the slopes, carry the equipment, or walk to the lifts, you get to spend more time on the slopes and less time getting there.

Other great advantages include being able to stop in during the day and grab a meal or a snack at your lodging. You won’t have to spend time waiting in line, and imagine being able to have your favorites right there! Also, just imagine being able to ski home, get out of your skis, and slide right into a soothing private hot tub. So many ski-in/ski-out properties have that very amenity!

At Park City Rental Properties, we specialize in ski-in/ski-out properties and have many available offerings at all the area resorts. You will be able to find one that will be perfect for you and your group!

Park City, Utah is home to some of the best powder in the country and even in the entire world, so it’s no surprise why thousands of people flock to Park City every winter season for the perfect holiday getaway to enjoy hours of enjoyment on miles and miles of beautiful, snow-covered slopes. Not only is Park City the ideal spot for enjoying traditional, downhill skiing, cross-country skiers can also find their perfect paradise with lots of ski resorts offering ideal cross-country skiing in Park City. Here are just a few of many spots to enjoy when you’re planning to cross-country ski in Park City this winter:


Park City Cross-Country Skiing Spots

Located just 22 miles from Park City itself and as a part of the Wasatch Mountain State Park, Soldier Hollow Cross Country Ski Resort was the spot for cross-country skiing training during the 2002 Winter Olympics. With a variety of trails suited to beginners to advanced cross-country skiers, Solider Hollow also offers a ski school so that skiers can work toward their goals and improve their cross-country skiing skills.

The White Pine Touring Center has over 12 miles of cross-country ski trails including a 3km, 5km, and 10km loops so that skiers of all levels can get their fix. Enjoy the touring center with a guided tour from a professional guide who will take you through the Uintah Mountains. Make use of season passes, ski lessons, equipment rentals and heated parking underground to make your visit even more enjoyable.

The Sundance Nordic Resort is part of Robert Redford’s famous Sundance Ski Resort and is 36 miles from Park City. The Sundance Nordic Resort has 9 miles of cross-country skiing trails which have been professionally maintained and groomed for a safe and beautiful cross-country skiing experience. At this resort the trails for skiers and snowshoers are kept separate which is unique to other resorts that offer trails for cross-country skiing. Ski lessons are available as are full equipment rentals and those who are interested can participate in one of the resort’s full-moon snowshoe tours for added romance and adventure.

For full views of the Wasatch Mountains while you enjoy a cross-country skiing excursion, the Mountain Foundation, which manages the Round Valley Loop, has countless hills for catching the best scenic landscapes. Start near the Park City Ice Arena just off of Highway 248 and begin at the Quinn’s trailhead where you can then enjoy the Union Pacific Rail Trail and continue along Kearns Boulevard and on to Bonanza Drive and beyond.


About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.

We have always said that the Park City resorts are some of the best. Our opinion has been validated by a recent SKI Magazine ranking of the best resorts in the western area of North America. Each of our three resorts were ranked higher than other Utah resorts.

Deer Valley received the highest rating and the top in the state and was rated No. 2. Park City was ranked at No. 7, while Canyons Resort received the No. 14 spot.

Now, of course, each of these three resorts have certain aspects and attributes that are more sought after than the others. Let’s take a look at some of the differences, and aspects that each offers.


Learn More About These Park City Resorts

Both Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons offer both pros and cons for a rider looking for a wide-open freeride style experience. However, Deer Valley isn’t in the contention for the big mountain style experience. Additionally, Deer Valley doesn’t allow snowboarding, which can be either a pro or a con, depending on your liking.

Both Canyons and Park City Mountain resorts have terrain that can be considered “big mountain”, meaning areas, which are not groomed and have cliffs and rocks to maneuver around. Deer Valley only has one run — the Daly Chutes — that fits this description.

Now, PCMR offers easier access to this type of terrain because you can usually ride the same lift repeatedly to access the terrain. If you are not careful at the Canyons you may not end up on the terrain you want, and it can be a real pain to get back to places such as Ninety-Nine-Ninety.

Interestingly, with the merger of PCMR and the Canyons, the resulting ski area will have some of the best “big mountain” terrain in the United States.


Choose the Best Resort for Your Style of Skiing

While many skiers do want that big terrain experience, many others want a more relaxed, easy terrain. This is where Deer Valley shines! The amount of groomed runs is by far the highest among the three resorts. Skiers can enjoy the “corduroy” of ski runs when visiting Deer Valley. PCMR and the Canyons do have their share of grooming; however, Deer Valley always seems to come out on top for those skiers who are looking for a smooth ride.

If you want to know more about our area resorts and even get a local’s perspective, just ask one of the concierge staff at Park City Rental Properties. They can help you choose the best resort for your style of skiing!


About Jim Bizily

I am an outdoor enthusiast, parent of two awesome boys, and Property Manager in beautiful Park City, Utah. After years in engineering and entrepreneurial projects, I decided to move to Park City Utah to start a business managing lodging and vacation rentals.