While most of us think of a day on the slopes is getting on a chairlift and then enjoying the ride down the mountain, there’s an exciting alternative to enjoy a day on the slopes: helicopter or cat skiing. Get your adrenaline flowing when you experience breathtaking terrain and these are some exciting ways to get to some of the best skiable terrain that isn’t accessible via the lifts.


Fly Over The Terrain

Imagine being taken to the top of the highest peaks aboard a helicopter. You’ll fly over the terrain, land gently on a peak, and then shush down the usually untouched landscape. When cat skiing, you’ll be taken to areas far from the crowds inside comfortable snow cats.

With these adventures, you’ll be taken to the back country or to the top of the peaks for a near private ski / ride experience. Whether you choose to take a snowcat to the mountain bowls or chopper into some extreme backcountry peaks, you’ll love the exhilarating experience. You can take in challenging and exciting terrain — everything from wide open bowls to breathtaking chutes.

Even if you aren’t an experienced extreme skier, trips can be customized to your ability level — you just need to arrange it with the company. These trips are guided and often include snacks and catered lunches for the ultimate ski day experience.


We Are Happy Help You Set Up Your Cat Skiing Adventure

In our area, we have a couple of companies that specialize in either cat-skiing or heli-skiing, and Park City Rental Properties would be happy to help you set up your adventure. Most of these trips cater to small groups for the special experience — no battling crowds — you and your group will get to enjoy a near-private excursion.