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The Park City Resort has many firsts that make people keep on coming back to enjoy more and more every time. One such leading example is the Park City Alpine Slide which holds the record for being the longest anywhere in the entire world. This slide provides more than 3,000 feet of top-of-the-range sliding and gliding experience down a vast luge-like track. Guests who have the guts to have the greatest thrill can actually enjoy gliding down the four different tracks with each one of them giving a distinctive experience. Getting to the finishing point has guests brimming with sheer joy for an experience that is difficult to describe in words.

No other experience can be compared with the thrill and shrill at the Park City Alpine Slide which has continued to gain in popularity with every New Year. Coming to this slide you get a preview of what goes on during major skiing and gliding competitions such as the Winter Olympics. Since this is such a long trail, after a little training and some dose of courage you can choose the turns, dips and swirls you can manage to take down anyone of the four lanes on this track that has more than 3,000 feet of the best tracks in the world.


The Thrill at the Park City Alpine Slide

For the sake of the newbies, you have a choice of two unique rides to choose from. There is one called the Alpine Coaster that lets you roll down the mountain track while you negotiate over a mile of bends, curves, and hills. The other one is aptly called the ZipRider which is shaped just like a zip line where the courageous at heart cab actually get to soar up to 100 feet into the air which puts you over the top of some of the tallest trees you have seen anywhere while cruising at speeds of over 45 miles per hour.

You will also be thrilled by the Quicksilver Alpine Slide that is situated at the Utah Olympic Park and is styled under the European Standard Alpine slide. This slide style is still pioneering in the United States and there is no better place to get a taste of the same other than the Park City Alpine Slide Resort. This is performed in a state-of-the-art steel track where riders have a chance to weave themselves down a narrow course and they finish up with a K-64 ski jump.

You will also want to try the Xtreme as well as the Ultra Ziplines which happen to hold the world records as the steepest Ziplines known anywhere. These are unique to the Utah Olympic Park and they are the reason you want to come and savor the experience right here. Those who do the Xtreme Zip cruise at speeds of more than 50 miles per hour done along the K-120 ski jump hill whereas the lovers of the Ultra Ziplines have their time on the famous winter freestyle hill. The sensational experience that is ski jumping can only be felt at their best while sliding down in cable harnesses down to the base of the ski jumps at the Alpine Slides.


Park City Alpine Slide

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