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We take our vacation shopping very seriously. We prepare for it before we even leave home by choosing a vacation property with a laundry room and packing less in our big suitcases! We know there is nothing worse than standing at that airport check in desk at the end of our trip, crossing fingers and toes as we wait to see the magic number on the scale that tells us whether we are going to be sitting on the floor, transferring items to our already full carry on, or if we can freely travel home. If you feel our pain and follow similar steps, you too must be high caliber shoppers, and we at Park City Vacation Rentals have compiled this list of the top five local only Park City shops to help you complete your shopping missions during your stay with us!


Park Silly Sunday Market, 780 Main Street

The Park Silly Sunday Market is definitely an event that is exclusive to Park City, and although it resembles your standard farmers’ market, it is so much more fun! Held nearly every Sunday from June until September, the market is one of our favorite ways to spend our hard-earned money. Walking from tent to tent and exploring merchandise that can include art, jewelry, crafts, and of course fresh farm produce and the delicious foods sold at the food trucks while the live music playing acts as our personal soundtrack and the sun shines in clear blue skies. This is the ultimate in shopping experiences, something so loved that Park Silly Sunday has expanded to once-a-month Silly SATURDAY on 10450 State Street in Sandy!


Atticus Coffee, Books, & Teahouse, 738 Main Street

Vacations are meant to be relaxing experiences, something we don’t always adhere to, but the best shopping moments can also be the simplest of moments when you spend some of those hard-earned vacation minutes browsing the shelves of Atticus Coffee, Books, & Teahouse. And because a good book is all the better when enjoyed with a great cup of coffee or tea, the small counter serve café has both, plus light snacks to give you the strength to continue on your mission to find the PERFECT book! This small shop offers a powerfully big heart and donates a portion of their sales to local charities, so you get the opportunity to do a good deed while doing something you love.


Pine, 323 Main Street

Reopened after a pandemic closure, Pine is a charming little shop located in the heart of downtown Park City, offering gifts, art, and handmade jewelry that would be the perfect thank you gift for your favorite pet sitter! Hand sewn totes give visitors a unique way to carry their purchases as they dip in and out of shops on Main Street, and because Christmas is celebrated every day of the year at Pine, a small section is dedicated to ornaments and décor that will keep you feeling merry and bright, even in the middle of summer.


Red Cycle Bread Works, 1500 Snow Drive

We ventured off Main Street for this next delicious choice, but their story is a powerful one and their wares are savory and tasteful making Red Cycle Bread Works our newest obsession. Their beginnings were humble, involving nothing more than a red bike, a small trailer, and 16 loaves of fresh bread! Today the store has sold thousands of loaves of bread, baked the old-fashioned way, using natural starters, patience, and sprinkled with a pinch of love. Bring a loaf back to your Park City Vacation Rentals home away from home to be enjoyed toasted and slathered with butter each morning before heading back out for a day of shopping.


Whimsy Clothing Boutique, 1351 Kearns Boulevard #130,

Every woman deserves a bit of whimsy in their lives, and Whimsy Clothing Boutique delivers! This is the store you will find that romantic floppy hat worn by all the heroines of the Hallmark movies, the flowing and colorful dresses that are designed to be worn as you walk along the beach at sunset, and of course, chunky sweaters that are warm, comfortable, and stylish. Featuring hand-crafted jewelry that completes the picture of perfection you will be when wearing your complete Whimsy ensemble, this sweet shop is destined to be your new obsession! Best of all, they are online so you don’t have to fly to Park City every time you need a new purse or shoes—unless you want to, that is; you can just open up your laptop and shop in your jammies from the comfort of your home!


Plenty of Room to Store Your Haul

Your arms may be tired from carrying all your purchases, but there is plenty of room in our Park City Vacation Rentals sanctuaries to store everything until it is time to pack up and go home. Reserve your stay today!

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