Explore Unforgettable Vacation Rentals at Canyon Creek

Park City, Utah draws massive crowds annually, with the bulk coming in the winter thanks to its snowy slopes. But the city transcends its winter wonderland reputation, offering vacationers scenic backways, an award-winning distillery, world-class restaurants, and a history-rich museum. Canyon Creek is one of Park City’s most renowned condominium developments and sits opposite the Swaner Nature Preserve in the famous Kimball Junction. Whether planning a romantic getaway with your partner or a wholesome family holiday, Park City Rental Properties offers delightful, cozy vacation rentals in Canyon Creek for an unforgettable holiday experience. Here’s what to expect from our Canyon Creek holiday homes.


Fully Equipped Kitchens

Dining out and takeout don’t always have to be the norm when vacationing, and that’s why our Canyon Creek vacation rentals feature fully equipped kitchens for easy meal preparation. Indulge your taste buds in your favorite homemade dishes without having to leave the comfort of your rental. The kitchens have all the necessary pots and pans, alongside numerous appliances, allowing you to unleash your inner chef. Conveniently prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner and dine with those dearest to you.


Impeccable Bedrooms

After a day on the slopes or touring the town, you’ll need somewhere serene to lay your head. Our Canyon Creek rentals feature spacious bedrooms for a cozy night’s rest. Comfortable mattresses and crisp sheets ensure you and yours wake up well-rested and fresh for the next day’s activities.


Exquisite Bathrooms

The number and build of bathrooms massively impact the quality of your vacation. At Park City Rental Properties, we offer Canyon Creek vacation rentals with plush finishings to ensure you and your family enjoy a comfortable setting to freshen up. Comfortably hit the shower for a fresh feeling before hitting the sack or heading out for a thrilling day around town.


Soft Towels

Forgetting to pack a towel when vacationing can be one of the most frustrating things. Thankfully, our Canyon Creek rentals come with high-end, plush towels, saving you the hassle of packing one. After a warm, soothing shower, dry off in hygienic and luxurious towels for supreme comfort.


Large TVs

Entertainment is an essential part of a getaway. At Park City Rental Properties, our Canyon Creek homes feature large flatscreen TVs, offering you and your family ample space to view your favorite content. Catch all your series, shows, and games in high definition, or plan popcorn-filled movie nights with your loved ones as you enjoy the latest blockbusters.



Staying connected is a modern-day essential. As you vacation in our Canyon Creek rentals, you’ll have access to Wi-Fi to keep you online at all times. Stream on Hulu, Apple TV, Peacock, or Amazon Prime and enjoy hours of entertainment. Easily update your social media feeds, check your emails, Facetime with loved ones back home, or engage in online meetings from the comfort of the couch.


On-Site Laundry

After a few days of vacationing, the laundry inevitably starts piling up. Our Canyon Creek rentals feature on-site laundry where you can conveniently clean your worn clothes. With on-site laundry, avoid the hassle of searching for a laundromat and use the facility whenever necessary. At the tail end of your vacation, give all your clothes a nice wash before packing up, giving you peace of mind of traveling with a clean wardrobe.


Hot Tubs

An evening of soaking in the hot tub is the perfect way to end your day. Relish the joys of a hot tub in our Canyon Creek rentals as you and yours wind down with a warm dip. Hot tubs have numerous benefits, including improved sleep, better blood circulation, stress relief, and pain relief. If you’re planning a late fall or winter getaway, a hot tub is the perfect way to beat the Park City chill.



Whether you’re driving to Park City or decide to get a rental while you’re in town, having a safe place to park your car is vital. Our Canyon Creek rentals feature a garage where you can conveniently and safely shelter your vehicle. Garages don’t just serve to keep your car safe but also shield it from the elements, including rain and snow.


Fitness Center

While on vacation, you may still want to maintain your workout regime by hitting the gym. As you vacation in our Canyon Creek rentals, you’ll have access to a fitness center where you can access workout programs and equipment to help you keep in tip-top shape. Enjoy an expansive list of fitness amenities alongside several group classes for a well-rounded workout session, including upper body, lower body, core, and cardio exercises.



Clubhouses are excellent recreational facilities providing a space where you and your loved ones can unwind outside your rental. Clubhouses draw people, creating an environment where you can socialize and get to know your fellow vacationers. Enjoy the availability of game zones and indoor courts to spend your weekends, and a kids’ play zone affords your little ones a safe area to run about and enjoy themselves.


Green Spaces

Just because you’re in an urban setting doesn’t mean you can’t connect with the beauty and serenity of nature. Our Canyon Creek rentals feature green spaces that provide a natural ambiance for you and your loved ones. Green spaces serve several purposes, including improving air quality by absorbing harmful pollutants. The greenery creates a peaceful place for a morning or evening stroll, helping boost mental health. Additionally, green spaces serve as a decent place to socialize and meet other members of the Canyon Creek community.


On Shuttle Route

One of the standout features of Canyon Creek is the availability of a free shuttle to ferry you and your family around town. Leave the car in the garage and hop aboard the shuttle for an epic day out in town. The shuttles arrive every 40 minutes and operate from 6:45 AM to 7:45 PM throughout the year. Enjoy several locations, including Kimball Junction and Historic Main Street, where you can access world-class restaurants. Dine in famous eateries such as Vessel Kitchen, Szechwan Chinese Kitchen, and Cortona. You can also visit the famous Utah Olympic Park and enjoy different attractions, including airbag jumps, bobsled experiences, canyon courses, ziplining excursions, and jaw-dropping chairlift rides. Explore the famous JW Allen & Sons Toys and Candy, your one-stop shop for kids’ toys and tasty candy. For the ultimate craft beer experience, head to Red Rock Brewery and indulge in traditional brews with delectable woodfire pizzas.


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Park City is famous for many things, not least its gorgeous snowy mountains. If you’re planning an epic family getaway to this lovely city, Canyon Creek is ideal for a serene and secluded vacation experience. This condo development sits on the northern end of I-80, facing the local breathtaking creek and the Swaner Nature Preserve. As you contemplate your Canyon Creek getaway, Park City Rental Properties is the ultimate choice for all your condominium needs. We offer exquisite condos in the Canyon Creek area with numerous amenities, including spacious interiors, comfortable bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, large flatscreen TVs, hot tubs, and WiFi for a premier vacationing experience. Contact us today to book your Canyon Creek condo and enjoy a peaceful stay in one of Utah’s most beloved destinations.