Tucked away in the mountains near Park City, Utah there are the remains of a spectacular event. An event that has brought together people from around the world for a celebration of fun and games. An event held in Salt Lake City, Utah during the winter of 2002 called the Olympic Winter Games. And although the celebration may be over the spirit is still well alive in the Park City Olympic park.

When you first arrive in Park City two giant green ski jumps will be the first thing to catch your eye. These jumps are symbolize the spirit the Olympic games left behind. The spirit of unity, competition, and hard work bringing out the best in each and everyone one of us. A spirit that is still well alive today, a feeling that you get the moment you step into the park.

The park is located right before Park City in a little town called Kimball Junction. As you head towards Park City you will encounter a long and winding road making its way up to the ski jumps on the side of the mountain. This road is called Olympic Parkway and is the path to the world-class Olympic park.  As you make your way up you will discover a huge facility filled with everything you need to become an Olympic champion and more.

The facility is a 389 acre park that is home to six Nordic Ski Jumps, a 1,335 meter sliding track, a freestyle aerial winter training and competition hill, a 750,000-gallon summer freestyle aerial training pool, the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, Alf Engen Ski Musem and Eccles 2002 Winter Olympics Games Museum. And if all that wasn’t enough to get you excited the Olympic Park Is home to the worlds steepest zip-line, as well as the Quicksilver Alpine slide.

During the summer you can watch ski jumpers perfect their technique as they fly through the air. Or watch the aerialists practice their twists and jumps landing safely into the 750,00-gallon pool. If you are feeling bold you can sign up for the comet bobsled and see what it’s like to fly down a steep twisting track of ice. You can watch the athletes training at all levels, or even try the freestyle ski jumps into the summer splash pool!

In the winter you can take the ride of your life down the Olympic track on the winter Comet Bobsled with an experienced pilot as your guide. Riders reach speeds of 80 mph with 5 G’s of force! You can also try the sport of skeleton on the Rocket Skeleton Ride. Learn how to maneuver a skeleton sled down the last 4 curves of the Olympic track. If that’s not enough you can also try Nordic Ski Jumping, Moguls, or Terrain Park during the Sunday ski clinics.

The Park is open year-round with seasonal activities for visitors. Guided tours are available daily all year long. The Alf Engen Ski Museum and George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum are open year-round. Admission to the museums and venue is free.

For more information Check out the website at Utah Olympic Legacy.

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