Each year thousands of visitors descend upon Park City for some of the best skiing conditions that the western side of the United States can offer. Even the summer months offer an abundance of outdoor activities that will delight individuals of any age. Park City is not just the ideal vacation destination for those who wish to enjoy outdoor sporting activities; the area also features some incredible natural attractions in Park City that make it a true haven for those who love time spend outside.


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Red Pine Lake

In the heart of the mountains you will find Red Pine Lake just outside of Park City. This body of water may not be the biggest lake in the region, but it offers plenty of surprises for visitors who make the trip. Red Pine Lake is much more secluded than other lakes in the area, allowing it to be a quiet refuge for those looking to escape the busy city. Those who complete the hike to the ridges surrounding the lake will be rewarded with sweeping views of Red Pine Lake and other nearby bodies of water.


Wasatch Range

The greater Park City region is located inside the Wasatch Range, a mountain range that stretches for over 160 miles in Utah and Idaho. The Wasatch Range includes the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, Bear River Mountains, and more. The Wasatch Range was named after a Shoshoni leader using the native language of the Ute people and stands for “blue heron.” Most of Utah’s settlements are in close proximity or within the boundaries of the range; Salt Lake City is situated right in between the Wasatch Range and Great Salt Lake and is Utah’s most populous city with a population over 2 million people. The Wasatch Range has a low humidity that, when added with the lake effect of local lakes, gives Park City the powdery snow during the winter that outdoor sport enthusiasts absolutely love. You can find the highest point in the Wasatch Range at Mount Nebo, which tops out at 11,900 feet. Visitors to the Wasatch Range often take advantage of the numerous hiking and mountain biking trails, rock climbing, skiing, and fishing. There is a limitless amount of incredible views found only from the Wasatch Range.


Swaner Preserve

The urbanization of Park City has pushed local wildlife further out from the city. The Swaner Preserve and Eco Center is a unique preservation land that gives local wildlife a safe place to roost. Swaner Preserve features an abundance of local wildlife that includes sand hill cranes, voles, ducks, and more. The preserve itself is set upon acres of hills and wetlands that are easy enough to explore. The colder winter months often sees the area covered in snow. However, the local visitor center can help visitors with snowshoe rentals, allowing you to traverse the terrain. The wildlife is often out during most parts of the year and can easily be seen with binoculars. Make sure to stop in the visitor center on the way in to grab a trail map that will help you find your way around the Swaner Preserve.

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Natural Attractions in Park City at Jupiter Peak

Of course, we would not be able to talk about the local natural attractions in Park City without mentioning Jupiter Peak. This local mountain peak is the highest point in all of Park City and is frequently used by local ski enthusiasts. For decades Jupiter Peak has been the epicenter of Park City, bringing in visitors after every snowfall. While the peak is known for having several different ski trails and even a few bowls, it also features a variety of trails to explore on your own. The summer season offers hikers the chance to trek up to the top, especially if making your way from Guardsman Pass. Keep note that there are no ski lifts that travel to the top, so adventurers will need to trek up and down the peak on their own to complete this difficult yet rewarding journey.


Union Pacific Rail Trail

For those who wish to traverse the wilderness surrounding Park City and get to know the history of the city, look no further than the Union Pacific Rail Trail. This natural attraction is a relatively flat hiking and biking trail that stretches out past the city. Along the trail you will learn about the rich history of the rail system that allowed Park City to flourish early on. The trail can be wet after recent snowfall but is rewarding with possible wildlife sightings nearby.


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Explore Nature in Park City

As you can see, there is a lot more to Park City than just skiing and snowboarding. Get ready for your upcoming adventure by reserving one of our luxury vacation rentals in the city. You will be steps away from endless excitement only found here.