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If you are in the mood to try some delicious wine during your stay in Park City, Utah, we have just the place for you. Old Town Cellars is the official wine of après and features everything you need for an incredible evening. Old Town Cellars is a private label winery with a love for quality wines, local culture, and mountain town ambience. While Old Town Cellars is located in the historic part of town, they strive to ensure their wine is affordable while being considered to be some of the highest quality wine produced in Park City. Management and winemakers always keep environmental concern front of mind and use sustainable practices and communicate with the community. Old Town Cellars is the future of winemaking—absence of ego while maintaining full flavor.


Old Town Cellars Exclusive Wines

Old Town Cellars knows how to make their four individual wines so well they do not need anything else on the menu. You might be thinking that is not much variety to choose from, but once you have tasted the wine, you will be an instant fan. Old Town Cellars focuses on the Mountain Town Red, Mountain Town White, Townie Rose, and the Old Town Outlaws. The Mountain Town series is a broad category of red and white wines that anyone will enjoy. Expect notes of fruit including lime, peach, and nectarine in the white and plum and wild berry in the red. The Townie Rose is the perfect blend of the two and pairs well with seafood and summer corn. Finally, the Old Town Outlaws bears resemblance to a Bordeaux and is not for the faint of heart. Expect something for everyone when you try one of these delicious wines.


Finding the Lounge

You can try the incredible wines from Old Town Cellars by visiting their brand-new tasting lounge. This new location can be found at 408 Main Street in downtown. The lounge is open from Sunday through Thursday from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM and Fridays and Saturdays from 3:00 PM to midnight.


Grab Your Glass of Wine in Park City

Old Town Cellars is one of many incredible lounges where you can enjoy a glass of wine in Park City. Choose one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the city to keep you comfortable and close by all the attractions. Call today and see how you can live in luxury in Park City!

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