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Park City has long been a part of the American cultural revolution, serving as a thriving silver mining town during the boom years, a ski resort hub for the rich, famous, and the regulars for decades, and in the early 2000s, the Winter Olympics was held here, adding to the prestige and wonder of our mountain village. It’s the history that makes us special, and Purple Sage, a local dining hotspot, makes the most of its home in a late 19th century building, serving up tasty American meals that are as a much a part of our history as the people who made this city great!


Located at 434 Main Street

The tall and narrow brick building that has been the home of the Purple Sage restaurant since 2003 has been a part of the Park City landscape since the late 1800s and is easy to find in the heart of our town. Updated more than a few times in its nearly 125 years of existence, the interior offers a sophistication not often found in old western towns. Tables topped with white cloths, stained concrete floors, and sleek shaded pendant lights are just a few examples of the charm that can be found in this local eatery. The chef and owner was born into a cooking family; his parents own another longtime favorite restaurant, Café Terigo!


The Simple Pleasures in Life at the Purple Sage restaurant

Haute cuisine is often nothing more than small plates with pretentious names. If this is what you think you’ll find at Purple Sage Park City, you’re about to be surprised. Instead, you’ll find simple dishes of steak and French fries prepared exactly the way you like, ribs with mashed potatoes and baby carrots, even a homemade macaroni and cheese that will make you want to give up on the blue box forever. These are the simple meals of our heritage, the meals our grandmothers made, the meals that fill your stomach and feed your soul. This, and a warm and inviting atmosphere, is what you can expect from Purple Sage Park City. No pretention, no haughtiness, just real food and smiling servers that are masters of their craft.


Large Meals

The servings are large here, so you might want to ask for a doggy bag to take home dessert to enjoy in your luxurious Park City vacation rental later in the night. Slip out of your street clothes and into a pair of comfortable pajamas, start a fire in the fire place, and check out the movies from Netflix. As with simple meals, simple pleasures can provide the largest impact. Reserve one of our vacation escapes today and discover what it means to live the good life in Park City! We offer a vast selection of properties, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Easter vacation rentals.

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