Heading to Park City is a fine way to surprise your loved one for the most romantic holiday of the year. For Valentine’s Day 2020, prepare to have a thoroughly romantic holiday together, especially if you decide to try some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Park City activities!

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Paint Starry Love

This is a casual romantic date where you can share your love of art and also enjoy some local wine and craft beer. Paint a romantic scene, learn a bit about art, and have fun together. Having fun with the ones you love is all that really matters in life! This event will be hosted by The Paint Mixer on Friday, February 14th at 7:00pm.


Murder Mystery Dinner

If you’re looking for a creative date this year, then look no further. This isn’t just any show you can take your loved one too. This is a murder mystery show! That means death and deceit, mystery and intrigue, and above all, it means you’re going to have fun. You’ll get dinner with this event as well, which makes it a perfect date night. This Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show runs from 6:00-9:00pm on Saturday, February 15th. Tickets are $19.95.


Take a Walk Down Main Street

Take your idea of a Valentine’s Day date and stretch it out of the course of a whole day. It’s like a date that never ends, which is the dream when you’re with the one you love. You’ll find everything on Historic Main Street, from bars to coffee shops to full-blown restaurants, from aesthetics to music to gorgeous fine art. Enjoy the scenery itself, because you’ll be walking through one of the loveliest places in town, with the quaint, old-fashioned buildings that we know and love. Try stopping in at the Atticus Coffee Books & Teahouse, and Yuki Yama Sushi.


Soar High Over Park City

Surprise your loved one with a wild gift this year: a hot air balloon ride! Climb inside one of the beautiful balloons offered by Skywalker Balloon Company and you’ll soon find yourselves soaring high in the air with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous local landscape. You’ll get a totally fresh perspective on life, love, and happiness, which is really what Valentine’s Day is all about here in Park City.

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Choose a Romantic Rental and Enjoy Park City Activities

There’s nothing more romantic than choosing a vacation home that you know your loved one will adore. Head over to our catalog today to start your search for the one that’s just right for the two of you! Now’s the time to get started on your dream Valentine’s Day filled with Park City activities.