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Guests who come to Park City during summer have an abundance of activities they can participate in such as hiking and Park City biking with trails available in the three ski resorts according their level of ability. No matter whether you are going to the Deer Valley resort, The Canyons, or the Park City Mountain Resort you will be sure to find something that will fit your experience and budget. You need to get up to the beginning of the trails from the heart of the Main Street by taking the town lift or alternatively you can also take the pay day lift from the Resort Base Area.


The Best Park City Biking Experience

As you get your ticket from the window just remember to make sure that you also receive a map of the trails which are given to all bikers courtesy of Mountain Trails Foundation. You do not have to necessarily come with your own bike from home because you cab use the many services that offer bike rentals and there is a number of them with a wide selection of bikes and other amenities that you may require in the process. However, any riders under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian who will present a sign waiver. It is required by law that all riders have a helmet and a sign waiver.

After all is said and done it is then time to put on biking boots and rune up the bikes and enjoy the best Park City Biking experience as the winter snow gives way to summer. You have a choice of excursion to select from especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. On the hills that you see surrounding Park City you will have a total of 150 miles of public trails that give bikers such a thrill. At the end of the day you come back to your hotel in Park City after touring some adrenalin filling terrains which make Park City Biking an experience you just must go through to understand.

The three major resorts have their own biking trails and some of them actually run through the resort town itself and with the availability of maps given to all who love it; you are able to select which trail is good enough for you since they are marked up according to difficulty levels. Those who are beginning may want to start with the famous Beaver Creek easy Trail which is a dirt rail that follows a creek pooled by occasional beaver dams. The Deer Valley Resort is one of the popular among the difficult trails and once you get to the top of the lift you can actually select which trail you will go into.

There is also the more difficult Glenwild Loop which is al little tougher than your ordinary biking trail and it is actually the favorite for those who consider themselves technical riders. There is a parking area kiosk that shows the route clearly and if you feel more adventurous then you can give it a shot. Among the most difficult trails is the mid mountain trail which is a single track trail that traverses Park City to the Canyons and it follows a steep mountain contour at the height of 7,000 feet above sea level.


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