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The Park City resort area covers over 7,600 acres of scenic land where the white powder creates a paradise that skier come looking for every winter season because the experience thrills them to the core. The good thing about Park City Utah is that it is home to over 350 miles of trails where recreation happens at its best. The Park City Utah trails were developed through the efforts of the local Park City Municipal Corporation and the Mountain Trails Foundation as well as the local resorts which are the greatest beneficiaries.


Experience the Park City Utah Trails

With Park City being located at an elevation of about 7,000 feet you get a fine summer that runs between May and October. However, there are more than 10,000 guests who use the trails during any one time and this gave rise to the need to prepare the Park City trails so that they handle such a large number of people. The trails here are an experience on their own with varying terrains opening up adding to the thrill of the experience. You will go from a rocky, scrub oak, copious aspen and on the other side, you will experience real black dirt. There is also a large wildlife presence where guests doing the trails may get to meet an occasional elk, moose, mountain lion or even a black bear.

The Park City Trails have become s popular they have become subject in several books and publications as well as a number of international events. Some of the most memorable events that are related to the trails at Park City include the world renowned mid mountain marathon as well as a number of mountain bike events that are getting ever more popular. When coming to take your time during summer at the park City Trails remember that they have actually been classified specifically for different levels of experience in order to keep the fun and safety; both beginners and professionals are kept on their own side of the divide.


The Park City trails are supported by a big number of amenities that keep the experience going well. The recreational community that comes during summer will take advantage of a number of rental services for gear and equipment as well as state of the art restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs and other primary amenities. You may want to try the round miles trail which offers guest an entire 694 acres of play ground and that also boasts some 30 miles of trails. You will join the local Park City community which considers this its own play ground.

This trail serves guests both during the summer as well as winter where there is approximately 15 miles of trails that are a favorite for any snow shoe cross country ski enthusiast. There is also another lovely Park City trail found at the Quinn’s Recreational Facility among others. At this particular facility there is a wonderful Ice Arena nest to the Round Valley open space where a playground and a dog park are the main features.


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