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After the snow of winter clears and the big white blanket is no longer in town, Park City becomes a completely new destination with a different set of activities taking place to excite the new set of guests. Park City Cycling is one such activity and it can be done either as a recreational activity or even a competitive sport. You will actually find a few cycling clubs abs teams in Park City which can be very exciting to become part of. The cycling tours are organized in such a way that anyone who desires will find a place to fit in without mush of a hassle.


Amazing Park City Cycling Events

The Park City Cycling tours will thrill any cycling enthusiast who wants to have fun on some of the best cycling trails in the entire state of Utah. It does not matter whither you are a beginner looking for some fun activity or an aggressive professional rider seeking to join teammates for support. Even the weekend cycling fan who simply wants to have company riding the bike in some scenic location cannot find a better place than Park City where the atmosphere and cycling experience will thrill you and leave you yearning for more. At the end of the day you will have achieved your goal and had fun like you never had imagined.

One of the Park City cycling events that has become ever so popular is the Tour De Park City which is open for any cyclist of any given level. It is touted to be one of the hardest cycling races in the entire United States and it features a race in a course that covers 150 miles. The riders participating in this course actually get to heights of up to 10,700 feet above sea level in some part of the course that takes them through two states. For those who do not have the competitive spirit the race becomes something of a tour as they go around the course doing a good bit of sight seeing.

There are three riding distances in the Tour De Park City so that everyone who wants to participate is not locked out. There is the Century race that covers a course of 112 miles, the Metric Century covering 63 miles and finally the 50 mile Half Century race. Being a summertime event you can expect that the Tour De Park City cycling event will be fully supported. You will need to be aware that the temperatures are actually some 15 degrees cooler than at the Salt Lake City. The course is almost always set and it normally begins at the New Park Hotel in Reds Stone and finishes at the same venue.

You could also take the famous OC Tanner cycling tour that is a 90 minute race with a course that takes cyclists around the picturesque Park City resort. This can couple as one day tour of the entire resort area and it begins promptly at 8:00 am. One can find out the dates for this cycling event and you can actually find and fill in entry forms at some retail locations of Park City.

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