So, you’ve just booked your fabulous summer Park City getaway. You have the very best lodging from Park City Rental Properties, and now you want to fill your calendar with the most exciting summer activities. Here’s a peek at one of our favorites—The Park City Alpine Slide—and five reasons you should check it out!


It’s the Longest Alpine Slide

The Park City Alpine Slide is one of the world’s longest such slides, so you are guaranteed to experience a ton of thrills! Just how long? It’s more than 2,000 feet of gliding and sliding! With the extraordinary length of this ride, it won’t be just a couple of seconds of thrills; The Alpine Slide will give you plenty of time to enjoy the excitement and the surrounding views.


Enjoy the Stunning Landscape

The Slide will take you through some gorgeous landscapes as you swoosh down the hill! Park City Mountain Resort has some of the most breathtaking vistas in the area, and you will be riding right through it.


It’s a Breathtaking Ride

The Slide has a luge-like track with twists and turns that are sure to take your breath away. Sure, you’ve take on that hill atop your skis/snowboard, but now you are riding down the hill in a completely different way. There’s the thrill of those same turns, but now you may be going even faster down that hill which is now covered with gorgeous greenery.

There’s Four Different Tracks

With four different tracks to take in, each ride you take will be different—no boring repeat rides! This isn’t your everyday sliding adventure. With each different track, you’ll be taken through different views and thrills. And of course, since you are in control of your speed, you make it as fast or leisurely as you like. Your first ride can be a race down the hill, with your final ride a slow glide through the curves to make it last.

Tons of Nearby Attractions and Activities

There are other great attractions nearby, including:

• Alpine Coaster
• Flying Eagle Zipline
• A kid’s zipline
• A ropes’ course
• Summer tubing

At Park City Rental Properties, we are happy to help you get tickets/passes for the Park City Alpine Slide and any other great area activities. Just give us a call!