We have always said that Park City’s resorts are some of the best. Our opinion has been validated by a recent SKI Magazine ranking of the best resorts in the western area of North America. Each of our three area resorts were ranked higher than other Utah resorts.


Deer Valley received the highest rating and the top in the state and was rated No. 2. Park City was ranked at No. 7, while Canyons Resort received the No. 14 spot.

Now, of course, each of these three resorts have certain aspects and attributes that are more sought after than the others. Let’s take a look at some of the differences, and aspects that each offers.


Both Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons offer both pros and cons for a rider looking for a wide-open freeride style experience. However, Deer Valley isn’t in the contention for the big mountain style experience. Additionally, Deer Valley doesn’t allow snowboarding, which can be either a pro or a con, depending on your liking.

Both Canyons and Park City Mountain resorts have terrain that can be considered “big mountain”, meaning areas, which are not groomed and have cliffs and rocks to maneuver around. Deer Valley only has one run — the Daly Chutes — that fits this description.


Now, PCMR offers easier access to this type of terrain because you can usually ride the same lift repeatedly to access the terrain. If you are not careful at the Canyons you may not end up on the terrain you want, and it can be a real pain to get back to places such as Ninety-Nine-Ninety.

Interestingly, with the merger of PCMR and the Canyons, the resulting ski area will have some of the best “big mountain” terrain in the United States.


While many skiers do want that big terrain experience, many others want a more relaxed, easy terrain. This is where Deer Valley shines! The amount of groomed runs is by far the highest among the three resorts. Skiers can enjoy the “corduroy” of ski runs when visiting Deer Valley. PCMR and the Canyons do have their share of grooming; however, Deer Valley always seems to come out on top for those skiers who are looking for a smooth ride.


If you want to know more about our area resorts and even get a local’s perspective, just ask one of the concierge staff at Park City Rental Properties. They can help you choose the best resort for your style of skiing! If you are a company seeking a great place to hold a corporate retreat, we also offer exceptional retreat rentals to enjoy. Hit the slopes today!