A new program in Park City designed just for young girls will be hitting the mountain bike trails.

The Little Bellas will be coming to Park City in September and its program is designed to inspire confidence in young girls ages 7 to 16 through mountain biking.

Little Bellas was the brainchild of professional mountain biker Lea Davison, her sister Sabra, and college friend Angela Irvine. Introduced in Vermont in 2007, it has grown to include chapters in Atlanta, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Colorado, California, and now Park City.

Says Sabra Davison, Little Bellas’ director and president, “At the current moment, we have 530 girls throughout the country on bikes and that number is growing every day.”


Mentors Are an Important Part of Little Bellas

Currently, the program has 147 female mentors, and Davison says that when the program ramps up in Park City, there will be no problem finding area mentors.

The chapter will be led by Shannon Casson, and Davison says, “She’s phenomenal and Park City couldn’t be a better location,” Davison said. “Shannon is our program lead in the area. She rallies her groups of mentors together and we provide the mentors a curriculum.”


Little Bellas Curriculum

The curriculum of the Little Bellas program includes eight weeks of riding that vary in distance and difficulty. Davison says that the first part of the program will be simple, easy rides to help get the girls excited and settled.

During the following week, the girls will be involved in a ‘Color Powder Day’, where they will ride through a giant color tunnel where the girls will end up looking like a “tye-dyed mess” says Davison.

Other activities will include obstacle day and a scavenger hunt day — all center around fun, rather than competition.

Davison says that the Park City infrastructure and the type of community will be positive aspects of the program. She also anticipates a very good turn out of participants. She says that she expects the program to grow as the word begins to spread about this unique and fun biking program.


About Girls Mountain Bike Program in Park City

The Park City rides will start on September 7. The group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Trailside Bike Park. If you want more information about this great activity, just ask us at Park City Rental Properties!