Fall in Park City is one of my favorite seasons and this weekend, we will see the leaves starting to present their wonderful colors. And even better, the skies will also be filled with vibrant colors.

The Autumn Aloft hot air balloon festival will take place September 19-20 and will draw a colorful collection of balloons to the area.

During the Festival, the best chance to see these balloons is during the launches. Scheduled to begin at approximately 8 a.m., the balloons will take off on the North 40 fields off Kearns Boulevard.

The landings are planned at the same field, with alternate landing sites at the Park Meadows Country Club golf course. When these balloons land will depend on the winds.

In 2014, Autumn Aloft returned for the first time since the early 1990s. The event began in the early ‘80s, but ceased during Park City’s rapid growth that occurred in the ‘90s. The 2014 event saw an attendance of nearly 3,000 people.

Events happening this year include the “candlestick event”, schedule for Saturday on Main Street. From about 8:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., you can see eight hot-air balloon baskets that will be located on Main Street between 4th and 5th Streets. The pilots of these balloons will be firing their burners to music for an exciting choreographed event.

Event organizers say that the best opportunity to see all of the balloons is during the launches. In 2014, the PC Hill was a favorite viewing spot.

Autumn Aloft is a great way to bring in the autumn season in Park City. There’s nothing better than watching hot air balloons soaring through the skies!

Also, during this great season, you should take some time to enjoy the fall colors. The area trails, especially the Mid-Mountain trail will take you through areas that are a-blaze with wonderful colors and cooler temperatures.

If you want more information about Autumn Aloft, please contact our helpful staff at Park City Rental Properties. We can also help you find plenty of other things to do during this great time of year! And of course, don’t forget to make plans for the winter months. Now is the perfect time to plan for that winter vacation! This would likewise make a great event for a corporate retreat, and Park City Vacation Rentals has perfect corporate retreat vacation rentals for that!