Recently the media reported that fugitive U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden opened a Twitter account and started following the NSA. His first tweet was a telling “Can you hear me now?” entry.

Should you want to hear Edward Snowden for yourself, you will soon have the opportunity. Whether you think he’s a criminal or a patriot, he can hear him speak to a Utah audience at Park City’s Eccles Center.

According to Teri Orr, director of the Park City Institute, “He will be on the big screen, just as you would see a Sundance film here, only in real time. “

Orr says that on December 5th, a closed circuit conversation will be held between Snowden in his apartment in Russia and the audience at the Eccles Center.

Two years ago, Snowden, who was a former contractor for the NSA, first appeared in the public’s spotlight. At that time, he released documents concerning U.S. surveillance programs to a group of select reporters.

His actions led him to be charged with “Theft of Government Property, Unauthorized Communication of National Defense Information, and Willful Communication of Classified Communications Intelligence Information to an Unauthorized Person.”

Additionally, his actions caused a wide-ranging conversation.

Said Snowden during a 2014 TED talk, “Who I am doesn’t really matter at all. What really matters here are the issues.”

He continues by saying, “What really matters is the kind of government we want, the kind of internet we want, the kind of relationship between people and society.”

Ms. Orr was part of the audience from the TED talk. She says that about two months ago, she was contacted by a Speaker’s Bureau agent, who offered the live feed opportunity with Snowden. Interestingly, she will not say how much Snowden is being paid for this appearance, and only says that he is not the most expensive of the Park City Institute events.

Ms. Orr was asked by a local media outlet if the FBI might attend the event. She responded by saying that if the FBI wishes to attend, they are welcome. She also said, “I hope they come back for a dance performance.”

Tickets for this event are on sale now to Institute members, with tickets for the general public starting on October 1st. If you need assistance obtaining tickets for this event, please contact our helpful concierge staff at Park City Rental Properties.