There are plenty of beautiful places to visit in Utah during the winter months, but few compare with the beauty and the winter sports activities and events that are held in Park City. Events such as skiing competitions and the renowned FIBT Bobsled & Skeleton International Cup are among the most favored of them all. Visitors and locals alike await these winter sporting events with a great deal of anticipation.

This particular event is rather special because Park City Utah is one of the very few places in the world this sporting event is held. There are less than 20 places for these bobsled and skeleton sled races, most of which are places the Olympic Games are to be held, or places they have already been held at. This Park City event is one that attracts a lot of competitors as well as spectators, making it one of the busiest times of the year for Park City.


FIBT Bobsled

Visitors interested in a live viewing of these sled racing competitions should try to get advanced reservations for their visit to Park City to avoid missing out on it. By reserving lodging and travel arrangements in advance, the trip to Utah and having a place to lodge will not be of concern. Most of the Park City events are popular so it only makes sense to make reservations to be certain a trip to this wonderful winter sports haven is perfect.

While the sledding competition will take a bit of time to view, there are plenty of other things to do while in the area. One thing all visitors should do is take a tour of the Utah Olympic Park. There are sporting activities to participate in as well as things of interest to view as well. Truly not one moment of a visit to Park City can be called boring if one gets out and does all there is to do.

From skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, riding sleds, and other similar sports, there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in during the winter months. There are numerous indoor activities as well so it is easy for every family member to find something to do that interests them. Get in on the exciting winter action and make reservations now to be in Utah for the sled races and to enjoy other winter sports as well.

December 03, 2012 – December 08, 2012

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