We can all agree that Park City requires more than three days to enjoy all its beauty and attractions. But if all you have is one long weekend,you can still make the most of that short visit and enjoy as many activities as you can. This is easy if you plan your vacation well ahead of time. Our guide will help you choose the best of Park City activities and attractions that suit you and cram them into three days of fun.


Alpine Coaster

We start right off with an exciting adventure. Head over to Park City Mountain Resort on Lowell Avenue where the Alpine Coaster will be waiting to take you on a thrill ride. It can reach 30 miles per hour on its elevated tracks. It’s also the largest coaster of its kind in Utah. Along the way, you meet curves, bends, and bumps which the coaster zips through at high speed. It’s enough to make you feel alive and get your heart pumping in your chest. If it’s too fast for you, you can always use brakes and bring the speed of the coaster down a notch.


Park City Museum

Museums serve as more than a display of some interesting exhibits. As in the case of this local museum, it’s the archive of the history of the city. It preserves its history and educates people about their past. Amazing artifacts and interactive exhibits will wait for you to educate and add some entertainment to your day. Mega Mine and the Days of Ore, The Dungeon: Park City’s Territorial Jail, The Great Fire of 1898, Muckers & Millionaires are some of the permanent exhibits in the museum.


Swaner Preserve and Eco Center

If you like nature preserves, then this one in Snyderville Basin near Park City will be of interest to you. It’s a wildlife refuge that spans over 1,200 acres and holds besides the flora and fauna some hiking trails that attract people from all over the state. There’s also a farm and an education center as part of the preserve.


Red Pine Adventures

More adventure awaits you at Red Pine Adventure. If you go during the winter months, you’ll have a chance to enjoy snowmobiling. During the summer it’s horseback riding for you. Either way, you get to explore the amazing mountain ranges.


The Best of Park City

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