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The reason Park City has managed to maintain a dignified existence for so long combining an easy access while keeping its remote appeal is the presence of a very effective Park City Chamber of Commerce. This rustic vacation destination combines the contemporary way of doing things while at the same time keeping in memory its history as a former mining city that was founded in the 1820s. No other ski resort is so close to an international airport like the Park City area. The Salt lake City International Airport is only 36 miles away and fro the size of the city, you will be surprised that it is served by 17 airlines with over 800 scheduled daily flights.

Services at the Park City are maintained at the highest standards and this has helped the resort town maintain its character while keeping up with the times. From a rustic mining city that it was the powerful Park City Chamber of Commerce has managed to give the city a new lease of life as a desired tourist destination. The maintenance of the ski resort’s three major establishments: Park City Mountain Resort, The Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons are always on top of the agenda. One development such as the free shuttle bus operating citywide makes it possible for guests to visit several areas of the Park City hassle free and without charge.

The Park City Chamber of Commerce has seen to the completion of the Utah Winter Sports Park which is an ultra modern facility where guests experience some very incredible speeds on bobsleds or even single rocket sled slides featured on a new 1,335 meter luge track. For those who love action there are more than enough activities all year round which means that winter and summer both have their won lovers at Park City. You may also want to come and watch people compete and cruise at speeds that go up to 80 miles an hour.

The abundance of shops on the historic Main Street makes the experience of shopping here such a wonderful one. It is the desired goal of the Park City Chamber of Commerce that services are kept aboveboard so as to maintain the lifeline that has given this resort town a life of its own. As such there are abundant recreational activities that last for as long as there is snow during winter including skiing, snowmobiling as among the main attractions. But come summer and the same slopes invite a new group of summer visitors who get to enjoy golf, biking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, hiking and also sightseeing for some wildlife species.
Maintaining the reputation of a popular destination such as Park City is not your usual walk in the park; it has taken great untiring efforts of men and women who run the park City Camber of Commerce. The chamber is involved in the maintenance of the high standard s that guests find year on year out. Guests coming down to Park City are never disappointed because the services offered by al establishment are usually above board. Enjoy your life in this quiet but extremely boisterous party town where life goes on throughout the year, both day and night.


Park City Chamber of Commerce (Official Website)